Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata Krumer Interview

Renata was recently interviewed by Michelle Rivera of Mommy To Hollywood, and she had a lot to say. Renata is a very busy business woman. In addition to being on Russian Dolls, Renata has her own, popular radio show and is also the founder and CEO of Outstanding You. Some of the highlights of the interview will follow and at the end you will find the link to the entire article.

Renata’s radio show discusses woman’s issues. Renata is all about helping women with their problems and achieving their full potential. Her company, Outstanding You, also works in that capacity, as well as, perform services of organizing and hosting events.

Renata accepted the role in the new series because it gives her an opportunity to have new experiences and represent her culture. Her son was concerned for the way she, herself, may be portrayed on the show. However, she herself, was not concerned. The cameras are capturing who is really is and allowing her to reach a larger audience.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eva Levitis On X Factor!

The beautiful Eva Levitis, star of Russian Dolls, has auditioned for X Factor.  A very bold move for Eva, especially since she decided to take on a hit of Lady Gaga's, "Bad Romance."   It's a brief clip, but it appears that the judges were not all that impressed.  Simon Cowell is heard to say, "That was like running over 25 cats on the Freeway!"  Well you can't please everyone and I do not always agree with Simon!

Below is her commercial and she says she was chosen out of 20,000 people who auditioned for the show to appear in it.  The show will air September 21 and 22 and we may get to see her entire performance then!  Not only is she the "Snooki" of Russian Dolls, she is turning into the Lady Gaga of Pop Music!

Eva we love your spirit and the way you pursue your dreams with passion!  I hope your family and friends (minus Marina) support you 100%!  You go girl!

Picture credit: Eva's Facebook
Video Credit: X Factor

Russian Dolls: Preview Episode 4 "Ruski Business"

Well, in the little clip we have here, it seems that Marina and Svetlana are going to have a little Russian War! It’s just 30 seconds long, but long enough to see that Marina’s attitude has found itself a new target, her friend Sveta. It looks like Sveta wants to have a jewelry show at Rasputin and they are charging her two thousand dollars for food and the use of the restaurant. Apparently, Sveta doesn’t think she is getting her money’s worth and marina is not acting very professionally about it. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I always heard the expression “the customer is always right.” In this show it seems like “Marina is always right!”

Look, it would not have killed the restaurant to do a great job on the food for this event. First of all many guests coming to the jewelry show may become customers and also spread the word about the restaurant, and they would get new business. Second, if they go a little over budget or don’t make as much profit, they can deduct it as a business expense right? Michael knows all about fudging numbers, that’s what got him in hot water with the law. Third, now that this spectacle is being aired on the show, real or scripted, it may turn people off to going to the restaurant or holding their own events and celebrations there, thinking they are not going to get what they paid for. Finally, Marina is not a good spokesperson for the restaurant. She actually may drive people away with her voice and attitude.

Good Luck Rasputin! I don’t know if the publicity from the show will end up backfiring and causing you less business instead of more!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Russian Dolls: Russians Do Not Surrender!

Hurricane Irene made it necessary for inhabitants of Brighton Beach to evacuate.  The mayor issued mandatory evacuation, but then found that many Russians refused to leave their homes and neighborhood despite the threat and many risks.  Police were even sent in to make sure residents stayed in their homes and off the streets. The sign above makes it clear why they would not leave: Russians Don't Surrender!!!  

Another glimpse of what Russians are all about thanks to

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Russian Dolls: First Impressions Of The Cast

After watching three episodes of Russian Dolls, I already have formulated impressions of some of the cast members, some positive, some negative. Let’s put aside all the stereotypical behaviors and customs that they try to focus on. I am going to look at them as individuals, not necessarily Russians or Brighton Beach residents.

Michael Levitis is an attorney who is supposed to support and uphold the law and yet has faced a trial and been sentenced to probation for three years with a $15,000 fine. Obviously, this is not an ethical man or an upstanding man of the community. He has clearly broken the law and jeopardized his license to practice law. However, maybe he isn’t too concerned about that, after all, he has Rasputin, his restaurant, which brings in a good enough income to cover his wife, Marina, with all the fine jewelry and furs her heart desires. It seems to me he does not have his priorities straight.

Marina Levitis is supposed to be part owner of Rasputin. Instead of coming across as a professional business woman, she comes across as a shallow, materialistic bimbo, who constantly criticizes her mother in-law, Eve, maybe out of jealousy. Her high pitched voice really grates on ones nerves. Her values seem skewed and she is teaching her children the wrong things are important; money and things over family.

Eva Levitis is a delightful older woman, at 56, she is far from old as Marina would have us believe. She comes across as very sweet and trying to make the most of living her life. She is passionate about dancing and entertaining and now is making the most of her opportunities, but Marina keeps trying to be a real killjoy.

Anna is young and ambitious. She is working hard to have a modeling career and because she realizes that a modeling career cannot last forever, so she has opened a modeling school. Her objective is to help her family get out of their small, overcrowded apartment. She is trying to become successful and I really admire her work ethic and goals.

Anastasia is more self centered. At 25 years old, she has spent many years in college and still hasn’t made up her mind what she wants to do. At the same time, her parents have been footing the bill for her education and we get the impression she thinks they have endless resources. Meanwhile, she isn’t concerned about their retirement and what they will do while she changes majors time and time again. Now she is talking about law school, which is more expensive and another three years beyond her bachelor’s degree, if she ever gets one.

Diana’s goals are to have a business. I am not sure what kind of business. The first impression we got was that she was looking for a rich Russian man to take care of her. In my opinion, with her beauty and her degree, she should really be trying to make a career for herself before looking for a man. However, she wants to have children at 25 (she is 23) so she can look like a “hot” mother. I think she needs to rethink her goals and ambitions for the near future.

Eddie is hard to take seriously. He comes across as a “Jersey Shore” character without the success. He has an inflated idea of his importance to the show. He already thinks he is a star and going places. He will be lucky if all twelve episodes of the series air. They already changed the time which I suspect is because no one is watching. I think Eddie needs a plan B. He is not going to be the next “Situation!”

Albert? We haven’t seen enough of Albert. I cannot form an opinion based on the little we have seen.

Renata is a very lovely woman. She comes across as loving her life and her husband and enjoys helping people. Her accent is a little strong and at times I don’t understand everything she says, but what I have seen of her is all positive.

Boris is Renata’s controlling husband. His intentions may be good, but he really takes over too much of the time when he should back off and allow Renata some space and freedom. Renata is a grown woman and has had a successful career on her own. There is such a thing as constructive criticism which is meant to help someone and taking over and trying to dictate everything she should do. I’m sure Boris would not like it if Renata walked into his office and told him how to run his business.

Svetlana has played a small role and I have not been able to form an opinion of her, but she did give Renata some good advice about Boris.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? We’d like to know.

Picture Credit: Lifetime

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Russian Dolls: Hurricane Irene Attacks Dolls

Woe is Brighton Beach and the Russian Dolls!  The Brighton beach Jubilee has been cancelled for this weekend thank to Hurricane Irene!  Officials decided that it would be too dangerous to go ahead with plans this weekend.  The event is being rescheduled for mid September.

Meanwhile our Russian Dolls are being driven out of Brighton Beach due to the mandatory evacuations.  We got word that some of them are ok and carrying on with their usual shopping sprees despite the bad weather.  Last night Marina got her done as well as a mani, pedi for Michael's birthday.  She says, "I can't believe the stupid hurricane had to happen this weekend!"  This morning they were leaving the city as they are in zone A and must evacuate.   They took two cars. 

They stopped at Woodbury Commons on the way to the hotel to do some shopping.  Eva bought a fur Russian Hat for winter.  Then they had a change of plans and decided to go to the Poconos, because the kids would have a better time there. they arrived safely minutes ago.  Eva summed up the whole experience by saying, "Irene I am not your friend, I ran away from you."

How are the other dolls?  You'll have to check back and see if we get word!  Until then, everyone be safe!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 3 “Tough Russian Love”

Impossible Mom or Spoiled Brat?

“Tough Russian Love” is an episode about Anastasia and her relationship with her mother. But it also speaks to the impossible demands of Russian parents on their children and the fact that Russians, are in general, impossible to please.

First thing we hear is Anastasia’s bio, while they show her getting a fake tan a la Jersey Shore. Her family moved here from the Ukraine when she was three years old because they wanted her to have a good education. Her father was the director of a psychiatric facility and her mother was an actress and they both sacrificed their careers to come here. As these words come out of her mouth, in walk her friends and she is asking where’s the alcohol? They begins round after round of vodka shots with her friends. You get the impression that she doesn’t appreciate all they have given up.

Anastasia lives with Diana. Eddie is visiting. Anastasia says she is a political science major and wants to change to speech. She explains she has been indecisive because she has options and it is taking her a while to decide what career she wants to go into. Her parents pay for her education. They have told her that as long as she is in school they will take care of her. She says she is trying so hard to become something, to have a career, but she keeps switching majors. Her father told her that no matter what she chooses she needs to like it. But Aanstasia is 25 years old already. Most students graduate at 22. Private colleges cost close to 25 to 30 thousand per year. We don’t know what college she is attending, but at that cost, her extra three years may have added a financial burden to her family.

Over to the gym where Renata Krumer is working out. She says she is determined to live every day as a beautiful person. Her husband Boris looks like a Russian gangster, aggressive and tough. Inside he is her cookie. She has a lot of jobs: she hosts events, and she hosts one of the most popular radio shows of Brighton Beach. She and Boris will be hosting the opening of a new Russian restaurant, 1,001 Nights, and she is going to be singing for the very first time, so she is rehearsing and very nervous. Boris is coaching her as though he knows something about singing. She says, for a Russian man to feel like a man, he has to be in control. He wants her performance to be good so they will get more business and make more money. Even Renata says he is a terrible teacher, although his intentions are good.

Anastasia meets her mom for dinner. Her mom is always on her case about something, anything. Her mother asks how she is and asks about college and her current major. Anastasia tells her is switched to Speech Therapy. Her mother says that is the third major she has had. Her mom says that they have supported her, but they are getting old. They love her, but there comes a time when she has to be an adult and become responsible for her life. Her mother wants her to finish school, have a career, get married and have kids. Russian moms expect a lot out of their kids. Anastasia perceives her mother’s comments as having a lack of faith and confidence in her, instead of the concern that she is really expressing. Anastasia thinks her mother sees her as a loser. Then she announces she is 25! At 25 she is just starting a Speech Therapy major? I happen to know that this will require several more years of schooling. The Master’s Degree alone takes an additional two years after getting the bachelor’s degree. She tells her mom she wants to be independent and take care of herself and asks her mom to be patient with her. She needs more time. I think Anastasia is really taking advantage of her parent’s generosity.

Renata and Boris go to check out 1001 Nights before she has to perform. She says she feels like Barbra Streisand. As she rehearses at the restaurant, Boris is coaching her like we are at a sporting event. He is shouting instructions and bound to make her more nervous and less confident. He is too critical and it’s upsetting her.

Anastasia says her mom in a nag. She doesn’t accept that Anastasia is growing up and won’t let go. Because she switched majors a few times and is still torn, she decides to meet with a career counselor. She says she is double majoring in political science and speech. She wants to make sure that every decision she makes in her life is perfect. She just wants to make her parents proud. After hearing what Anastasia has to say, the counselor says she would advise her to lean towards law. Anastasia seems happy with her assessment. Now she is considering law school.

Renata meets with Svetlana to ask how she should deal with Boris. She explains about the restaurant opening and her singing. Svetlana tells her she can do whatever she wants to do. That’s when Renata reveals that Boris’ coaching is too aggressive like Russian KGB. Svetlana’s advice? Boris wants to be in control, let him be in control and then turn around and do what you want to do. Renata decides to tune out Boris for the sake of her performance.

Anastasia and mom meet again. She asks Anastasia how is everything. She is excited to tell her mom about the career counselor. Anastasia says the counselor asked her a lot of questions and told her to stick with law. Her mother thinks this is a serious decision because they have to consider how to pay for law school. Anastasia says she will take out loans. Her mother asks who will pay the loans. Anastasia says she will. Anastasia gets upset, she thinks her mother isn’t proud of her or supporting her and is just worried about the money. Her mother is struggling to communicate in English for the show, so maybe she cannot say everything she wants to say. Anastasia gets hysterical and lays into her mother before allowing her to say what her concerns are. Her mother is worried about how she will pay for her loans, which is legitimate, but Anastasia just curses her out. She tells her to leave and go home. The hurt expression on her mother’s face is heart breaking. “This is why I hate you and don’t want to be around you,” she says to her mother. It’s very brutal. She keeps complaining that she doesn’t support her, BUT she is 25 years old and still in school and her parents have been paying all these years already! Her mother reluctantly leaves, but not before telling her how much she loves her. Anastasia doesn’t get it, she doesn’t understand her mother’s concerns and never lets her talk. Law school is another three years after she gets her bachelor degree and more expensive. Any good mother would be concerned.

Anastasia tells Diana about her meeting with her mother. Because her mother is worried about the loans, the girls perceive that as seeing the bad in everything and always wanting more. Russian parents are tough and have high expectations. But, Anastasia needs to grow up. At 25 she should be out on her own supporting herself. I wonder who is paying her share of the rent for the apartment?

Renata gets ready for her event. Boris criticizes her dress as being too summery. Her boots don’t go with the dress. Renata decides she will not let Boris stress her out. They arrive at the restaurant where she will be singing with Boris for the first time. All the cast is there to support them. By the way, she did change her dress after all. And Marina shows up with her annoying high pitched voice! Renata announces the opening and starts singing while everyone is dancing. When they are done, she sees everyone is happy. Boris grabs her and says we need to talk. He says he tried so hard to explain to her what she needed to do. It’s mind boggling how great she did. He can’t stop complimenting her.

We end at Anastasia and Diana’s place. Anastasia has invited her mother over. She wants to explain to her mother why she reacted the way she did so she will understand. Her mother understands they have issues because of the loans. Her mother says she is proud of her because she is a strong person. Anastasia says she was so mad because she felt she wasn’t being accepted. She apologizes and says she is sorry. Her mother says it has never happened before and she was a little bit frustrated, and maybe she was wrong, and she thanks her daughter for the apology. Then she apologizes herself.

My two cents: Boris needs to ease up on Renata. He cannot control her every move. He should stick to his own business and let her run her own life. She is 46 years old and very successful lin her own right. She is nice enough to let him have a say or ask for his opinion, but he really takes the control issue too far.

Anastasia was very wrong to talk to her mother the way she did. Her parents have paid for her education and she is 25. That is three extra years of tuition. If she had decided on law school at 18 she would have been graduating already. Her parents should not be punished for her indecision and she should have seen a counselor a long time ago. The way she poke to her mother was simply unforgivable!

Is Anastasia’s mother impossible OR is Anastasia a spoiled brat? Let us know what you think.

Picture credit: Lifetime

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Russian Doll: Preview of Episode Three

Anastasia 's Episode 3

Well Anastasia is partying and disrespecting her mother.  The girls claim that Russian parents expect too much from their children and are impossible to please.  The more you give them the more they want.  This causes a some harsh words to be exchanged between Anastasia and her mother.  I'll have to see the entire episode to give my opinion on how disrespectful she comes across.  I will say this, I definitely saw hurt in the eyes of her mother and that I did not like.  Let us know what you think?  Is there ever a good excuse to speak to your mother the way Anastasia does in this clip?  I say no.

Watch for tonight's episode at 11:30 PM NEW TIME! 

Picture and video credit: Lifetime

Russian Dolls: Lifetime Changes Time To 11:30 PM

Will Anna and Eddie be able to stay awake till 11:30?

Yesterday I read in Eddie's Facebook that the time of Russian Dolls has been changed to 11:30 PM.  He claims it's because the show has been now rated "R" but I am not buying this reason at all.  I have not even seen a scene that could remotely been considered "R" compared with shows like Jersey Shore and Mob Wives, this show has been very mild mannered.  Both Jersey Shore and Mob Wives are also on much earlier too.  So why the time change after only two episodes?

I am going to go out on a limb and say it's because the show is not doing well in that time slot.  There are many reasons for this.  First of all, the show may not be popular with Lifetime's regular viewers.  They slotted it after Project Runway hoping to get those viewers to tune in, but it must not be working.  They promoted the show as another Jersey Shore and yet put it on opposite Jersey Shore so those fans couldn't even try out the show because they were both on at the same time.  I always that that was a bad move.

It's also possible that, after seeing the first episode, which was really terrible, no one wanted to see the second episode.  The first episode, if you were able to watch all of it, was bascially all about Marina insulting her mother in-law Eva.  It was not compelling enough to attrat viewers and keep them.  The second episode was much better, however it was tame compared to Jersey Shore and did not stir up enough controversey.  I am not so sure Lifetime thought this out very well. 

Maybe they had trouble finding sponsors to place ads on the show?  It may be because they do not want to be associated with a show that is considered offensive.  It may be they don't want to pay big bucks for a show that gets too few viewers.  It's all about money in the end.

So now the show is on at 11:30 PM.  Who is going to watch it at that hour?  People who work and have school the next day will probably not find it worthwhile enough to stay up, and Lifetime posts the link to the entire episode soon enough online, so why bother?   I have to wonder if we are even going to see all 12 episodes?  I guess time will tell. 

Are you going to stay up tonight and watch?  Let us know what you think about this new development.  By the way, I made a comment on Eddie's Facebook about the reasons I believe they changed the time and they were deleted.  You can rest assured your comments here will not be deleted and we read every one.

Picture Credit: Lifetime

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina Calls Eva "Snooki"

Hollywood Life interviews Marina and once again she can be counted on again to insult her mother-in-law, Eva, calling her the "Snooki" of the show.  Why?  Because Eva has young ideas, and why shouldn't she, she is only 56 years old!  Marina thinks she and Eva have a good relationship overall, but she feels that Eva is single "and becoming a child."  All this because Eva wants to date younger guys and have fun.  I don't think that is unreasonable.  She says the younger kids are more reserved and aware of the cameras, while Eva is "just all out there...she goes out on dates, she goes to matchmaker looking for sexual relationships and I have to tell her ok break break, you gotta stop."  She says she was embarrassed by Eva's outfits for the pageant because her children were there, her 13 year old son, and she doesn't want them to be embarrased.  But frankly, I saw nothing offensive or embarrassing in the way Eva dressed.  Marina feels she is the one who needs to speak up because her husband and his sister can't say anything because it's their mother, so it's up to her to speak up.  Marina feels their is a role reversal in this situation where she is really parenting Eva.  Watch the whole interview below.

Meanwhile, am I the only one who finds Marina's very high pitched voice annoying to listen too?

Picture and video credot:

Video Link: Marina is at it again!

Russian Dolls: Diana's Website and Blog!

I was just checking out Diana Kosov's blog and her website.  If you are a fan you should check it out too.  She has her bio on it, a few pictures and a video.  What interests me most as a blogger, and fan of the show, is her blog.  So far there are just a few blogs, but she is off to a good start.  Hopefully we will get first hand information about what is going on in her life and maybe a little insider information about the show.  It all looks very professionally done as far as websites go.  I would suggest checking it out for yourself.  I'm sure a lot more will be going up in the near future. 

Picture credit: Diana's Website, link about under picture!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Russian Dolls: A Parody "Russian Shore"

A parody on Russian Dolls called "Russian Shore!"

Well, it was bound to happen!  A few people got together and decided to make a parody of Russian Dolls called "Russian Shore."  Personally, I love parodies of any show I watch because they exaggerate all the things that I find the funniest.  In this clip, the "Russians" do act more like the Jersey Shore cast than the Russian Doll cast.  But I think it is an entertaining blend of the two shows and I recommend watching the clip below.  Let me know what you think.  I think it's funny and I would love to see more of these int he future.

Picture and Video credit: Youtube, stars Ben Rosenfeld, Julie Notwicz, Siobhan Beasley and Mike Tsirklin

Russian Dolls: Rasputin, Russian Healer

Curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know who was the man that Michael Levitis chose to name his restaurant after. After reading about Rasputin I am even more confused as to why he would use his name for his restaurant. 

Rasputin seems to have been a man of many talents, most notable was that of healer. Born in 1869 and murdered in 1916, Rasputin was also known for being a madman, a womanizer, a hater of baths and a friend of the royal family. Quite a nice resume for a man who was born a peasant and became accepted into “high society” for his spiritualism and exoticism, which were “fashionable” at that time.

He became popular in the Russian Orthodox Church and had a lot of influence with the Royal family, the Romanovs. Czar Nicholas II practically treated this “madman” as an equal and that damaged the royal family’s reputation. Between 1906 and 1914, Rasputin politicians and journalists used his influence with the royal family to discredit them and force them out of power.

Why was Rasputin treated with such respect by the royal family? The czar’s only son and heir to the throne, Alexis, had hemophilia and could easily bleed to death. Rasputin was able to heal the boy several times from minor wounds that could have cost him his life. So they felt Rasputin was sent to them by God. And since Czar Nicholas II could not tell the public about his son’s condition, for fear it would weaken the monarchy, they could not explain why Rasputin enjoyed their favor and was allowed to live in the palace.

During World War I, Czar Nicholas left for two years to attend to his army and Rasputin was the advisor to Empress Alexandra. The communists felt things had gone too far and Rasputin’s influence was too great. They decided he had to die. They made several attempts to kill him. First they tried poison, but several doses had no effect on him. In December 1916 he was murdered by a group of conspirators. The royal family, because of their association with him, were all assassinated.

Though he was not an attractive man, Rasputin had charisma and charm that women found very alluring and irresistible. His healing powers seem legitimate and his womanizing legendary, but it is difficult to know with certitude how much of his story is true.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Russian Dolls: Thank You Readers!

Our blog is just in its infancy, only three weeks old, and as of this moment we have had 7,000 hits.  Obviously, you can see that before I could even post this we have gone up over 500 more!

We are very proud of our accomplishment, but we could not have done it without you, our readers.  We would like you to know that we read all comments and if you have any suggestions, we will be happy to consider them.  We try to bring all the latest information here concerning the show and the cast, to provide you with news, links, videos and pictures, as well as give you our impressions and opinions concerning what we see and read.

Thank you for visiting and hopefully we will grow in popularity as more episodes air. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Russian Dolls: Russians Against Russian Dolls!

The Russian have a new Facebook page called “Russians Against Russian Dolls.” Looks like they mean serious business. They are collecting all the negative reviews and articles and posting them there. Why? Well they feel that Russians who have immigrated to this country have struggled to rid themselves of negative stereotypes for many years. They have finally come close to achieving their goal of creating a positive image for themselves. And now, Lifetime takes this moment in time, to bring to it’s network, a show that depicts all the worst Russian stereotypes imaginable. They believe this show is destroying everything good that Russian immigrants have worked to accomplish. They are asking Russians to boycott the show and drive down the ratings so it will be taken off the air. Here is their link if you want to check them out: RussiansAgainstRussianDolls

They sound like one angry group and growing as we speak!

Picture credit: Russians Against Russian Dolls Facebook Page

Friday, August 19, 2011

Russian Dolls: Dinner Party Bonus Scene!

Michael Levitis and Marina Levitis attend Bridgehampton Polo hosted by Hamptons Magazine on August 6, 2011 in Bridgehampton, New York.

The dinner party at Michael and Marina's house is all about how they show off their wealth.  They aren't wealthier than other communities, Michael admits, however what makes them different is they like to flaunt their wealth.  Marina says they live in a big house, they have people over and are always entertaining people at their home.  Michael adds they go with the philosophy of "live for today." 

Here we go again!  Michael and Marina not only flaunt their wealth, they are proud of the fact that they do.  What is wrong with that?  It comes across in a very bad, tasteless and classless way.  There is something in this behavior that is saying, "Look at how much money we have and how successful we are, we are better than everyone else."  There is a certain snobbiness in how they speak about their wealth.  Marina thinks it makes her a socialite and maybe in her little community it does, but it ends there.  In fact she is so into this delusion of grandeur that she belittles her own mother-in-law for being herself.  I really believes she thinks that her money increases her importance and her value as a human being.  She values material things more than people, that is how she is coming across time and time again.  That is the lesson they are teaching their children.  To have value as a human being, you have to have money and nice things.  And because she acts so superior she treats those under her as "less than."  It simply shows a lack of class and grace.

Video Credit: Lifetime

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 2 “From Ukraine With Love"

Seems like the Fashion Show was in February

Here we go! This episode is basically all about Anna and her modeling school. Modeling is her life. Anna came from the Ukraine when she was 9 years old. Anna says she and her family, including her grandmother, live in a small two bedroom apartment…grandma sleeps on the couch. Her mother is judgmental whenever she looks at Anna’s photo shoots and that makes Anna work even harder. Anna says that guys are just a hobby for her, she has gone out with many and cheated on all of them. Anna’s modeling school is called Link Model Management. She invests everything she earns into her school hoping that it will be successful enough to one day move her family out of that small apartment.

Anna school is having a modeling show. If the show is succesful, she will get new girls to enroll. She plans on opening more businesses in the future. The show requires a lot of planning, she has to get the models ready and she has to promote it. Renata Krumer, a local radio host and celebrity, has offered to host it. Anna’s mother will be listening to the radio as Anna is a guest on Renata’s show to discuss her fashion show. One hundred people are expected to be guests.

Meanwhile, Anna also needs to relax with her friends. All work and no play makes her exhausted. She goes out with Albert and Eddie and Anastasia and Diana, for a few drinks. The discussion starts off with a little joking and Anna makes the mistake of telling Eddie he has no money. That comment is extremely insulting to Russian men. Eddie immediately lashes out at Anna and hits her where it hurts. He calls her a fake model and says she has done as a model. He says her modeling school with 12 year old models is nothing. Anna cries in anger and frustration. Her feelings are hurt. Eddie went in for the kill. Anna goes outside to cry. Eddie feels bad and goes out to apologize to her. She doesn’t want to hear anything from him. As far as she is concerned Eddie has crossed the line.

At Anna’s modeling school, Anastasia pays her a surprise visit. She wants to make sure Anna is okay after the fight with Eddie. Eddie was going to come, but Anna insists she doesn’t want to see him, she is still mad at him. Anastasia feels that Russian guys make sincere apologies. Anna holds grudges. Anastasia, who has been friends with Eddie for 16 years, says she should be thankful he apologized, but Anna says he didn’t mean it.

Anna goes to Renata’s house. They are supposed to discuss the fashion show, but Anna confides in Renata about her fight with Eddie. Renata is easy to talk to. She tells Renata that Eddie spit on everything she cares about. Renata, after hearing all the facts, tells her it is never good to tell a Russian man he has no money. That is a huge insult.

Anna takes her fitness very seriously and works out all the time. Anastasia arrives and tells Anna that she told Eddie everything they talked about concerning the fight. Anna gets very angry and feels that Anastasia betrayed her confidence. Anna feels she should have had her back, it’s girl code. Now Anna wants nothing to do with Anastasia either.

The day of the fashion show arrives. Success of the show means more girls in the school which means more income for Anna.

Back in Anastasia and Diana’s apartment the girls talk about going to the show. Anastasia tells Diana she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t even want to acknowledge Anna’s existence. Diana decides she will go and be the diplomat. Boris and Renata are at the show. Anna says she needs to be successful for her parents. This is her first show and she is nervous.

Eddie arrives at the show. He is being the bigger man and making an effort to show Anna he is sincere in his apology. But, Anastasia stays true to her word and doesn’t show up. Her empty seat, with her name reserving her place, sends a big message to Anna about the kind of person Anastasia is, especially because Eddie did show up. Anna feels she knew how important this show was to her and still did not bother coming.

The show gets underway. Renata starts things off by announcing the runway is about to begin. Svetlana says the show was “raw” but it is obviously that Anna put a lot of effort into it. Anna’s mom was proud and happy for her daughter and yet managed to have a few complaints she needed to voice. Eddie and Anna make up. Anna now feels that Eddie appreciates what she is trying to accomplish, but Anastasia has failed her as a friend.

Now for my take on this episode. Overall, I was pleased with it. I think this episode will get good reviews. We clearly see that Anna has ambitious goals for herself and works very hard to succeed. She also demonstrates great concern for her parents and wants to improve their living conditions. She has put a great burden on herself at a very young age. She is a very beautiful, young lady and really has what it takes to be a successful model, but this is a very competitive field so opening a modeling school is another way to pursue her dreams in this field. Anna makes a very good impression.

Renata always appears to be sweet, gracious, and she has class. I look forward to seeing more of her in the show. The fight between Eddie and Anna was pretty mild compared to most reality show fights, but also more realistic. There was nothing outrageous about it and I liked the way they were able to makeup and get past it. Anastasia should not have taken sides. Anna and Eddie were confiding in her and she should not have betrayed Anna, and she definitely should have put their differences aside and gone to the show. Anastasia seems to have a short fuse, I’m not sure what to think of her at this point.

I have to admit there were really no negative aspects of Russian culture brought out in this episode at all, and I was surprised. I hope to read some positive comments from the community regarding this episode.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Russian Dolls: Romancing Diana, Bonus Clip

Lifetime shares this bonus clip that was not aired on episode one, of Diana's date with Paul.  She seems to be very happy with him and is touched by his words.  They even bring a tear or two to her eyes.  He hands her a beautiful card and an expensive gift in a little red gift bag.  Diana is very happy with what is inside. 

After such a tender moment, I wonder how long after that date did she dump him?  Clearly, he had the impression his feelings were being reciprocated.  Obviously, we now know, they were not.  What do you think of how Diana handled the situation with Paul?

Russian Dolls: Negative Opinions Continue!

picture credit:

One week after the first episode aired and negative opinions are still forthcoming over Lifetime's new series, Russian Dolls.  How do the people in the community of Brightonn Beach feel about the way they are being represented on the show?  Many are sick over it.  Several new articles today go on in great detail as to the sentiments of the Russians and Jews living in this neighborhood. 

What are they saying?  In their view, the show represents the "low lifes" of the community.  It's painful for many to watch, especially older, female viewers, who are the primary Lifetime audience.  The show portrays them as being materialistic and showing off their wealth.  It does not show the hardships that immigrants face when coming to this country.  The aspects of the Russian stereotypes portrayed on the show, while it may exist in Brighton Beach, definitely represents only the minority of its residents.  Yet, they feel the whole community is being painted with the same brush on the show.

The show barely mentions Jews, which is unusual since most of the cast is Jewish.  The reasons for avoiding the "Jewish" component is unclear.  It may be to avoid even more attacks from the Jewish community or it may be a way of trying to maintain it's popularity with viewers.  The Jewish values are all about living your life with dignity and respect not how much wealth you can acquire and flaunt. So maybe it's better if they don't mention it on the show?

Of course, in the end, it's all about entertainment.  The creators, the cast, the network, will not hesitate to show viewers anything that will generate ratings and money for all of them.  That's the bottomline. If that involves exploiting and portraying their neighborhood, their Russian culture and their religion in a negative be it.  In the end it's all about the almighty dollar.  That's entertainment!

Make sure to tune in for tonight's second episode of Russian Dolls and let's see what critics will have to say abou tit tomorrow: Lifteime @ 10:30 PM ET

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina's Village Voice Interview!

Picture credit: Village Voice

I just came across an interview that Marina had with Michael Musto's Village Voice writer.  Marina says much of the same things that she has said over and over in other interviews (link below).  However, I have been wanting to write a blog on Marina ever since I watched the first episode and she said that Eva was just her husband, Michael's, mother and she is nothing to her!  I have been waiting for someone, anyone to jump on that comment, and yet no one has, so I will. 

Marina is so embarrassed by her mother-in-law that it's all she can talk about in episode one and in every single interview she has had since the show aired.  I am not Russian or Jewish, and I am embarrassed for her by the total lack of respect that she is showing to her husband's mother.  It's appalling!  It's offensive to all of us who love and respect our mothers and our elders.  And all the while she is criticizing her mother-in-law Eva, who appears so sweet, she is telling us how the Russian culture is all about respecting parents.  Marina talks out of both sides of her mouth!  She should practice what she preaches. 

She thinks that she is part of "high society" because she has money.  It takes much more than money to be welcomed into high scociety.  She may be "royalty" in Brighton Beach, but to the rest of the world she is coming across as an obnoxious, disrespectful, extremely materialistic, attention seeking woman, who is full of herself.  Let's see what she said in the Village Voice interview, for example:

Me: Speaking of in-law issues, why were you so mortified when your mother-in-law entered the senior pageant, as seen on the show? You left before she won the talent prize!

Levitis: It was extremely embarrassing. You're a socialite in your community and people talk about you. You have to maintain a certain image. And when your mother-in-law goes nuts all the time, it doesn't help. She never feels any embarrassment. She has a lot of fun—more than the younger girls on the show. But it's at my expense. If she has a good time, it's me and my husband that are suffering.

So, because Eva has the nerve and the opportunity to live out her dreams, she is causing poor Marina to suffer?  Come on!  I didn't see Eva do anything embarrassing on the show at all.  I give her credit for expressing herself the way she sees fit.  It was a pageant for grandmothers, NOT Miss America!  Marina is defintely my least favorite cast member!  I have one piece of advice for her, which comes too late as they are done filming.  That advice is this, Marina get over yourself!  You are the one who is an embarrassment to your family and community.

Link to entire interview:

Russian Dolls: Albert Gets Interviewed!

Albert Binan's reaction to watching the first episode is what you would expect.  He found it amazing and incredible and he was happy to be a part of it. Albert tells Chance there will be alot of crazy stuff and alot of drama on up coming episodes.  He plays a lot of hockey and working out and he is looking pretty good.  And that's what you have to do to get the ladies, you have to take care of yourself.  His dance moves are questionable, but dancing seems to be a recent development, maybe because of the show?   He syas he was really a shy kid, but watching the video you can see he has gotten over it.  I like Albert, he has potential! 

Picture credit: Lifetime
Video Credit: Chance TV

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata and Boris Interview!

Renata Krumer and Boris Glickstein, stars of Lifetime's Russian Dolls, were interviewed by ChanceTV.  They begin their interview with their own personal love story.  On the second date Boris tells her, "I love you, you're mine, you belong to me and I'm here to stay."  Naturally, Renata was shocked.  She says he did look sexy with his blue eyes.  He is a very aggressive man and she loves it.  Renata makes a very poignant statement.  When we watch the show they let us into their lives, they let us into their hearts and they let us into their homes.  Boris describes thier community as outstanding.  And then he makes a plug for  Renata's business, called Outstanding You!   I have to say I enjoyed this couple. Glad I found the interview!  Give it a try!

Picture and video credit: ChanceTV

Russian Dolls: Albert and Eddie

Albert and Eddie

So far we haven't heard much about the "GUYS" in Russian Dolls!  It's been mainly about the "dolls." But I have to say that Albert Binan and Eddie Zee remind me of a couple of guys from the past.  Not your Jersey Shore variety, but your Saturday Night Live variety.  Remember those "wild and crazy guys" with Steve Martin, from the SNL skits?  He and Dan Ackroyd played a couple of Chech brothers. You don't remember?  Well let me help you out.  I found a nice clip for you to watch.  Now that I see it again, it reminds me even more of Russian Dolls!!!  Let us know what you think?  Was SNL ahead of it's time?


Monday, August 15, 2011

Russian Dolls: Diana Kosov's Rolls Royce Interview!

Diana Kosov was also recently interviewed by Chance, in a Rolls Royce no less! Does our golden girl Russian Doll know how to pick a location, or what? Chance jokes that he bought the Rolls Royce for Diana, before starting their interview.

Chance asks Diana about her breakup with Paul. She says she told him they had to break up because he wasn’t Russian, but that really wasn’t the case. She broke up with him because she had no feelings for him. So she was just trying to spare his feelings. She felt the Russian line was being subtle and letting him down easy. Of course, when he sees the interview, he will find out anyway. So much for trying to be nice.

Now Diana says the man of her dreams doesn’t have to be Russian (sorry Paul), but he has to be educated because she is educated, and she plans to open a business too. So she wants someone who is on her level or higher. She says she hadn’t planned on being in the public eye, but then this she made a video and put it up. The next thing she knows it got 5,000 views in 5 days and she took it off. And then she started getting calls for casting and here she is. Her parents are supporting her. She doesn’t think she came off bad and that girls will be able to related to her situation. She says she has gotten a lot of negative comments about being on the show and it hurts her feelings, but they don’t really know her.

Overall, I thought this was a very good interview, in fact one of the best any of the cast members have given so far! Have a look for yourself.

Picture and video credit: ChanceTV

Russian Dolls: Adorable Eva & ChanceTV

At the premiere party for the launching of Russian Dolls, Eva Levitis was interviewed by ChanceTV.

It was a pleasure to watch her interview.  It's is hard to believe that Eva is a grandmother!  Eva is very young at heart and might even be looking for a younger man who can keep up with her.  She is getting to live out her lifelong dream of performing, because of this show, and she couldn't be happier about it.  She looks adorable.  I am very happy for her and I hope she ignores Marina's comments and follows what she knows in heart is good for herself.  She is trully the star of Russian Dolls!

P.S.  Eva even offered to give Chance some belly dancing lessons! 

Picture credit: Eva's Facebook
Video Credit: Chance TV

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Russian Dolls: Anastasia Kurinnaya Launches Show

Anastasia at the Premiere Party for the launching of Russian Dolls, was interviewed by Chance TV.  She was very happy with the way the first episode turned out, after editing.  The cast were not given the opportunity to see the show before it aired.  It must have been an amazing experience for these first time television personalities to see themselves on the big screen.  Who knows how many stars may be born?  Oh, and Michael Levitis, owner of Rasputin, where the launch party was held, wants everyone to know his mother Eva is singing in the background of the clip below!  Very nice of Eva's son to show her support...unlike Marina!

Picture and video credit: ChanceTV

Russian Dolls: Diana Kosov, The Blonde Doll

Diana has a new website up of her very own. There she posts a short bio of her life. It has to be short, she was only born in the late 1980’s. She was born in Moldova, Kishinev and came to this country at the age of three. She was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied marketing and advertising. She graduated from CUNY, Staten Island, where she obtained degrees in Economics and Psychology. She lives in Staten Island, but spends most of her time in the Brighton Beach area. The show Russian Dolls is her first appearance on television and may lead to other career opportunities. However, it seems that Diana’s main concern is finding “Mr. Right,” or rather in her case “His Royal Highness,” because she needs a suitable Russian Prince to treat her like the Russian Princess she thinks she is.

Now, I don’t know how many men are going to want to wine and dine her in the near future. The way she handled her breakup with Paul (if, in fact there was a “Paul” and not an actor) was a bit callous and unfeeling. Not sure too many men want to risk that kind of rejection, even Russian Princes, who can probably have their pick of women. Sure Diana is beautiful, there is no question about that, but If she was raised to seek a Russian mate, then leave the other men alone. And, despite her beauty, she is already talking about botox and plastic surgery that is not even remotely necessary. What’s up with that?

Picture Credit: Diana's website

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eva's Belly Dancing Routine

Eva Levitis has always wanted to be a performer on stage.  She was an engineer in Russia.  But now, many years later, she is a grandmother who has the opportunity to fulfill her dream.  A Grandmother Pageant is being held, with a talent contest, and Eva enters.  Her talent is belly dancing.  Here, in this clip, she demonstrates her routine and skill for her family: Michael, Marina and her grandson.  I think she is adorable.  Still, every other few seconds, Marina is insulting her mother-in-law and worries only about her "embarrassment."  It is really ashame how poorly Marina comes off and she sets a bad example for her son.  It's Russian tradition to respect your parents and your elders, however Marina does not adhere to that where her mother-in-law is concerned.  If you have watched the first episode on Thursday night, I'm sure you will agree.  If not, just watch the short clip below, and give us your thoughts.  I would love to know what you think about this.  I also wonder how marina would feel if Michael treated HER mother the way she treats his.  It's really appalling!

Picture and video credit: Lifetime

Friday, August 12, 2011

Russian Dolls: Rasputin Premiere Party Video!

Lifetime's Russian Dolls cast had a premiere party last night at Rasputin's Restaurant, hosted by the owners Michael and Marina Levitis, for the launching of their new series. The cast posed for pictures and then danced up on the stage, before the show was played for everyone there on a large screen.  They were kind enough to release a video for those of us who were not invited or could not attend, but stayed at home and watched the episode on television.  But, we wanted to share this with all of you who wanted to see what you were missing!  What do you think?  Do you wish you had been there?

Picture and video credit: Lifetime

Jersey Shore: Like More than A Friend

The tan lines are out of control

So we pick up here, right where we left off. Ronnie is giggling watching Pauly and Deena kiss, and Vinny butts in, quoting Pauly D: "This is the best day of my life!"

Snooki tells Pauly she's excited for him and Deena to hook up, because Deena has wanted to for a while. Even though Pauly is thoroughly drunk, probably the drunkest I've ever seen him, he is hesitant to hook up with Deena, because he's afraid she'll develop feelings for him and then freak out when she sees him with other girls later on. That's basically what happened last season with Snooki and Vinny. Pauly doesn't think it's possible for a girl to smush without developing feelings.

They take two separate cars home. In one, Pauly tells Vinny he would appreciate it if Vinny hooked up with Deena that night. In the other, Deena tries to tell the other girls that she and Pauly are not Snooki and Vinny, and no one should be worried. Meanwhile, Mike puts his arm around Snooki and says he wants to snuggle, but everyone sees through him and says he just wants to get it in.

When Deena gets home she pulls out her Pinocchio marionette puppet, Pierre. So now we've gotten to the bottom of the mystery of "Pinocchio's nose, AW YEAH." While playing with Pierre, Deena falls off some stairs.

At the same time, Ronnie calls someone from home named Hannah, because he wanted to hear her voice. He says she's been really helping him through some stuff, and he invites her to Italy later on. Oh boy. That won't end well.

Deena heads to her room, hoping to crawl into Pauly's bed, but Pauly is already fast asleep.

The next day is Sunday, so Deena, Mike, Pauly and Vinny go shopping for the great Italian tradition: Sunday dinner. Deena is frustrated because nothing is in English and Pauly can't figure out which bottles are shampoo.

After they get back, Sammi suggests that she and Deena cook Sunday dinner. Everyone is speechless. Sammi says she's a good cook, and they'd see that if they would let her cook. From what I've seen, it seems like in the past, every time Sammi's been asked to cook, she kind of doesn't, because she's lazy. If I recall correctly, Ronnie said she couldn't cook during one of their bad fights last season, but who knows how true that is.

Everyone decides to give Sam a chance, so she and Deena go at it. Sammi pulls some strawberries out of the refrigerator and marvels at how strange they look, and she wonders if they're ok to eat like that. Deena tells her that she thinks those are raspberries. This is not a good sign, ladies. I'm glad I don't have to eat your Sunday dinner. While they work, Deena mentions that she's so proud of herself for not falling down the night before. Oh, sweet Deena. At least you only fell down once, right?

The girls put their cutlets in an egg wash, and then they try to wash some dishes. Unbeknownst to them, the dishwasher overflows with suds a bit. On any other reality show I would think that was a staged shenanigan. But in this show it's so genuine! No one even mentions it, it doesn't turn into huge fiasco, and maybe they never even noticed it.

So the girls are kind of famished after breading those cutlets. They haven't eaten anything all day, so they need to run out for a quick bite before they finish cooking. The boys wander into the kitchen and see it's deserted. They have no idea where the girls have gone. They probably wouldn't be thrilled to know they went shopping and then ate at a cafe. They have no idea when the girls will be back, so they decide to just start cooking themselves. The girls get back and are pissed off because they wanted to cook. I really have no idea what these girls were thinking, how long did they think it would take to actually cook? Well Deena gives a helping hand by throwing the pasta into the water before it's come to a boil. Mike is dumbfounded by this, as we all are, I think. Deena's response is a sarcastic, "Don't worry, we have a drainer." Not a very good comeback, but ok.

Snooki sleeps throughout this whole ordeal. When she wakes up, she pulls on her fuzzy yeti boots and calls her boyfriend Jionni. Situation listens in on the conversation, as Jionni gets upset that he hasn't spoken to Snooki in a full day. He doesn't understand how Snooki can go a day without talking to him. I understand what Jionni is saying, but I also have to say my first thought was, that's something a girl says. Anyway, Mike is all too happy to say that if Jionni can't make Snooki happy, he definitely can.

Then Vinny picks up a call from Marco, who is going to the their boss for the month. He tells them to come down for an orientation, but they have trouble finding the pizzeria they'll be working at. Pauly says, "Come si dice 'lost?'" So Vinny must have taught everyone the most useful phrase of all: "How do you say...?"

Well if anybody's lost, it's Sammi and Deena. They pass a cathedral and Sammi asks if it's the Vatican. Deena says she thinks it is. Their eye sight is amazing. That's like seeing the Empire State Building from Baltimore.

When they get to the pizzeria, Pauly wants to spin the dough because he thinks it's his right as a DJ. But Marco decides to make Snooki his guinea pig, and asks her what kind of pizza she wants to make. She says she wants to put pepperoni on it. Marco asks her if she means sweet peppers or hot salami. Of course, she means hot salami, and Vinny and Pauly can't get enough of making hot salami jokes. But, fun fact: "peperone" pizza in Italy has bell peppers on it. Pepperoni as we know it is just salami in Europe, hence the clarification. I... learned something from watching Jersey Shore. Not sure how I should feel right now.

When they get home, Jenni tries to make coffee, but she doesn't know how to work the coffee maker, and she can't find any way to grind the beans. Making coffee in Italy makes her feel like she's in the 1600s. I have sympathy for her, because my boyfriend has this coffee maker and even though he does, I still never knew how to use it.

Night falls, and it's time to go to the club. As soon as Mike walks in this beautiful... well not beautiful, but cute girl starts talking to him but Snooki tells him that girl is ugly. Meanwhile Ronnie is dancing and taking shots, and he tells Jenni that he invited Hannah to come by in 3 weeks. Jenni doesn't know if Sammi knows about Hannah, but she knows for sure, if she tells Sammi about Hannah, Sammi is going to go nuts. Ronnie continues to drink and proclaims he's the pimp daddy mac of the house!!! When he comes out of the bathroom, he must have some wet toilet paper or something on his face, because he looks like he has fabulous eye makeup on.

At this point, Ronnie tells Vinny he had sex with 4 girls in 3 days before he came to Italy. Vinny encourages him, because he says Ronnie is single and that's what he should do. Sammi hears him though, and that sets her off. She tells him not to do that, and Deena drags her away. Sammi lies and says she doesn't care and she doesn't want to be with Ron anymore.

Ronnie confesses to Jenni again about Hannah, and he must be taking a lot of joy in the fact that Sammi will certainly flip out when Hannah gets there, because he laughs so hard he falls sideways. Sammi, meanwhile, is trying to help Deena get home without falling. Deena says she wanted to hook up with some guy, but Sammi says the guy was a douchebag. Deena points to a cop and asks if that's the guy, but Sammi gets her to lock it up so they don't get in trouble.

Mike brings his girl, Britney home, and Snooki still thinks this chick is ugly. She asks Vinny if she is prettier than Britney. Vinny says yes. So Snooki wants to know why the guys would bring these ugly girls home, and Vinny says it's because none of the guys can have Snooki. After Mike and Britney smush, he calls her a cab and kicks her out. Charming.

Snooki tells Mike, again, that Britney is ugly and he could do better. And then... they talk. And this seems like the least real conversation I've ever seen from this show, and it's not because of production, it's because of Mike and Snooki. The conversation is all very high school and basically this. Mike in a round about way says, "I like you," and Snooki says, "What do you mean?" as though she doesn't know what he means. But she knows what he's saying, shes just fishing for him to come out and say it, so she can be like, well, I don't like you that way, I have a boyfriend. I hate when people fish like that, but I also don't believe Sitch has real feelings for her anyway so. That's my two-cents on that situation.

Next morning, everyone goes out to do laundry except Snooki and Ron who are still sleeping. They all go out to eat, when Vinny tells everyone he is done with drunk Sam and Ron. He doesn't want to be with them when they're drinking, because that's when their fights escalate. Sammi says she's trying to get over it, but it's very difficult and she thinks she's doing a good job considering. And Sammi is in a pretty tough spot, so I do have sympathy for her, but just knowing they'll get back together at some point is just cringe inducing. After everyone has made peace with everything, Situation mentions that Ronnie told him he was going to bring back 5 girls last night. Of course, he really wasn't, Sitch adds, like that makes a difference. Everyone gets annoyed that he couldn't keep quiet.

Vinny and Ronnie decide to take the hot tub for a spin. They feel like they're in a soup, and Vinny calls it "zuppa di muscles." He is very clever. They notice that the water is pushing them closer to each other, and they realize it's probably not a spot for 2 dudes.

Mike tries to crawl into bed with Deena and she is, and I quote: "eh about it." She suggests they go smoke a cigarette to get out of it. The next morning, Deena tells everyone about it before they go out to brunch, while Mike was changing his sneakers. They have brunch on a rooftop, and Snooki says she loves Rome. Close... Deena says Florence is her best thing.

This might be a good time to point out that Deena has been using the word "best" to mean "favorite." And I think that's ok, except it sort of makes it seems like she's taking credit for those things that she likes, which is kind of weird.

Ronnie meanwhile, announces that Leonardo DaVinci painted the Vatican by hand. Vinny, the smart one, says that Ronnie means Michelangelo. Yeah, and well, he also means The Sistine Chapel.

So at this point, Pauly blows up Deena's spot and tells Mike that she told everyone she turned him down for snuggling. Deena denies saying it, and Mike denies trying to snuggle with her. Snooki thinks it was messed up for Pauly to do that to Deena when he knows she likes him, but he doesn't really think it was a big deal. Later he tells Deena he understand why she was upset and he gives her a bracelet as penance.

They go out to the club again. Deena falls for the second time. Pauly comments that the girls are super young in this club because of the lower drinking age.

This day is Sammi's turn to get sloppy drunk, and she falls while dancing with Ron. All of a sudden, she wants to talk about their relationship, but Ronnie actually has the common sense to say he doesn't want to talk while drunk. Deena drags Sam away, and while they're in the cab watching the boys leave, Sammi says Ron is going to get into a fight. Deena reacts like Sammi is crazy, but Sam says she just misses him.

Outside the club, Pauly and Vinny create a meme which is currently trending on twitter WORLDWIDE, #shestooyoungforyoubro. It went a little something like this:

Vinny: If she's got a basket on her bicycle, she's to young for you man!
Pauly D: If she still has the parental controls on her TV in her bedroom, she's too young for you bro!
Vinny: If she only has Snow White on DVD, she's too young for you bro!
Pauly D: If his keds still light up, he's too young for you bro!

Ronnie contributes to the fun by doing a very cute jig:


They get back to the house and Pauly says, if she still plays laser tag, she's too young for you bro. Jenni says, that's me!

Since Mike didn't find anyone to bring home, he calls up Britney, because she's the most DTF chick he's ever met. In the kitchen, Sam and Ron are having a snack, and Sam tells Ronnie she misses him. Ron still has feelings for her, but when he thinks about Jersey, the only way he can describe it is "f*ck me in the ass with a spiked bat." Well, that's what Sammi should be thinking.