Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina's Village Voice Interview!

Picture credit: Village Voice

I just came across an interview that Marina had with Michael Musto's Village Voice writer.  Marina says much of the same things that she has said over and over in other interviews (link below).  However, I have been wanting to write a blog on Marina ever since I watched the first episode and she said that Eva was just her husband, Michael's, mother and she is nothing to her!  I have been waiting for someone, anyone to jump on that comment, and yet no one has, so I will. 

Marina is so embarrassed by her mother-in-law that it's all she can talk about in episode one and in every single interview she has had since the show aired.  I am not Russian or Jewish, and I am embarrassed for her by the total lack of respect that she is showing to her husband's mother.  It's appalling!  It's offensive to all of us who love and respect our mothers and our elders.  And all the while she is criticizing her mother-in-law Eva, who appears so sweet, she is telling us how the Russian culture is all about respecting parents.  Marina talks out of both sides of her mouth!  She should practice what she preaches. 

She thinks that she is part of "high society" because she has money.  It takes much more than money to be welcomed into high scociety.  She may be "royalty" in Brighton Beach, but to the rest of the world she is coming across as an obnoxious, disrespectful, extremely materialistic, attention seeking woman, who is full of herself.  Let's see what she said in the Village Voice interview, for example:

Me: Speaking of in-law issues, why were you so mortified when your mother-in-law entered the senior pageant, as seen on the show? You left before she won the talent prize!

Levitis: It was extremely embarrassing. You're a socialite in your community and people talk about you. You have to maintain a certain image. And when your mother-in-law goes nuts all the time, it doesn't help. She never feels any embarrassment. She has a lot of fun—more than the younger girls on the show. But it's at my expense. If she has a good time, it's me and my husband that are suffering.

So, because Eva has the nerve and the opportunity to live out her dreams, she is causing poor Marina to suffer?  Come on!  I didn't see Eva do anything embarrassing on the show at all.  I give her credit for expressing herself the way she sees fit.  It was a pageant for grandmothers, NOT Miss America!  Marina is defintely my least favorite cast member!  I have one piece of advice for her, which comes too late as they are done filming.  That advice is this, Marina get over yourself!  You are the one who is an embarrassment to your family and community.

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  1. Marina, you are an embarrassment to not just Russians, but the human race. You want to know what a "socialite" acts like? She doesn't treat family members like crap. Yes, your mother-in-law is your FAMILY. I'm shocked your husband hasn't divorced you yet. This is how you want to be portrayed on television, let alone in real life? Is how you treat your mother-in-law how you want YOUR children and their spouses to treat you when you're her age. Have some respect and gain so grace and carry yourself like a dignified woman. Your behavior is shameful.

  2. Well said Anonymous. I guess she doesn't understand that "Money Can't Buy You Class"

  3. Marina is the reason why Russian-Americans are embarrassed and insulted by this show. She is the filth of the community. I don't live in Brighton Beach, or New York, but the way she treat her mother-in-law and the way. The way she speaks and behaves is just irritating. She's the Snooki of the show. Correction: she's the circus of the show.