Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eva Levitis On X Factor!

The beautiful Eva Levitis, star of Russian Dolls, has auditioned for X Factor.  A very bold move for Eva, especially since she decided to take on a hit of Lady Gaga's, "Bad Romance."   It's a brief clip, but it appears that the judges were not all that impressed.  Simon Cowell is heard to say, "That was like running over 25 cats on the Freeway!"  Well you can't please everyone and I do not always agree with Simon!

Below is her commercial and she says she was chosen out of 20,000 people who auditioned for the show to appear in it.  The show will air September 21 and 22 and we may get to see her entire performance then!  Not only is she the "Snooki" of Russian Dolls, she is turning into the Lady Gaga of Pop Music!

Eva we love your spirit and the way you pursue your dreams with passion!  I hope your family and friends (minus Marina) support you 100%!  You go girl!

Picture credit: Eva's Facebook
Video Credit: X Factor

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