Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jersey Shore: Behind the Scenes In Florence!

Good Morning America goes behind the scenes with cast members of Jersey Shore and captures it all on video! Check it out below!

They have cameras in every room of their 4 bedroom apartment. The rooms are all trashed and full of stuffed animals. Snooki shows off her room while admitting she is a “slob” and her clothes are literally everywhere! Paulie D. is a neat freak, all his clothes are neatly folded in a nice pile. His mother would be so proud!

In the apartment they have a Jacuzzi room and two bathrooms with one very disgusting sink! It was gross, like a cesspool!

They also shoe them working in the pizzeria where they whip up some pies, at the gym where The Situation is getting ready for his next fight with Ronnie, and at the shoe store where all the girls are shopping till they drop! The heels are hard to walk in on Italy’s cobblestone streets. Snooki is disappointed because she can’t find her size in anything, but then she comes across a pair of boots that fit. She takes them to the counter and asks for a 20% discount! Great little video! Just in time for tonight’s premiere of season four too!

Picture and video credit: abc news

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