Thursday, August 11, 2011

Russian Dolls: The Alyona Show Interviews Marina!

Marina Levitis appeared on The Alyona Show to discuss Russian Dolls.  Even though the show was searching for the next Snooki and Situation, and promotes itself as the next Jersey Shore, Marina says it is not like Jersey Shore at all.  She says it is a mix of the family drama in the Khardashians, the partying of Jersey Shore for young people, and it has Housewives drama between women.  So it's unique in that it combines three or four show into one and has something for everyone. 

Marina says she is a unique character...and after watching the video two times I would have to agree!
She tells us what to expect in the show and that it will be from a Russian-American perspective.  She feel all the negative crircisms of the show are misplaced.  People haven't seen it, but they are anticipating a lot negative stereotyping to be depicted on the show.

Watch Marina's interview and don't forget to tune in to Russian Dolls tonight!  Let us know what you think, right here tomorrow!

Picture and video credit: The Alyona Show

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