Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jersey Shore Statistics

In celebration of the return of Jersey Shore, MTV released this infographic on their blog, featuring various statistics pertaining to each cast member. Some of them definitely seem tongue-in-cheek, (Sammi's tears are unquantifiable, and the number of pick up lines J-Woww's gotten at Karma seems like it would be difficult to count.) Most of them seem like they could be legitimate though, and some are more surprising than others.

I love that Sammi has a minimum of 3 pairs of white jorts... frankly, I love the word jorts, and I love how much Sammi wears them.

It's hard to believe Vinny's only sold 2 t-shirts over 2 summers at the Shore Store. I'm even more surprised that they make the cast keep a job over the summer, since it adds so little to the show.

That Situation has threatened to take away family dinner 14 times is interesting, but not surprising. After all, he is the daddy of the house, and what he says goes.

Most shocking to me was that Ronnie's turned the BBQ grill on after 3AM 26 times!!!!!! 26! It seems like half the time he just stays home with Sam and turns in early. Really drives home just how often they go clubbing.

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