Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Russian Dolls: "Stereo Love" Song From Russian Dolls

I love the song “Stereo Love,” and am so happy to see it is being used on Russian Dolls. I did a little research on the song and the people who created it and I posted the Official Video for you below, in case you haven’t heard it or can’t recall the name.

Stereo Love was recorded and released in 2009 by Romanian musician Edward Maya, featuring Vika Jigulina. The refrain is from “Bayatilar” composed by Eldar Mansurov.

The video was filmed in Greece, a place that Maya “fell in love with.”

There was a controversy about the refrain’s copyright, which was credited to anonymous in the video. Maya claims he tried to contact the composer, but had been unable to. The dispute was settled when both musicians agreed to sign off as co-authors of Stereo Love.

Stereo Love is an international hit song.  Have a listen below and plan to hear a lot more of it on the show!

Picture credit: www.mp3s.su

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