Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata and Boris Interview!

Renata Krumer and Boris Glickstein, stars of Lifetime's Russian Dolls, were interviewed by ChanceTV.  They begin their interview with their own personal love story.  On the second date Boris tells her, "I love you, you're mine, you belong to me and I'm here to stay."  Naturally, Renata was shocked.  She says he did look sexy with his blue eyes.  He is a very aggressive man and she loves it.  Renata makes a very poignant statement.  When we watch the show they let us into their lives, they let us into their hearts and they let us into their homes.  Boris describes thier community as outstanding.  And then he makes a plug for  Renata's business, called Outstanding You!   I have to say I enjoyed this couple. Glad I found the interview!  Give it a try!

Picture and video credit: ChanceTV

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  1. Your “sparks” are definitely contagious and sincere. What inspires me is that you are not conforming to anyone or anybody. Amazingly honest, upstaged you!