Saturday, August 27, 2011

Russian Dolls: Hurricane Irene Attacks Dolls

Woe is Brighton Beach and the Russian Dolls!  The Brighton beach Jubilee has been cancelled for this weekend thank to Hurricane Irene!  Officials decided that it would be too dangerous to go ahead with plans this weekend.  The event is being rescheduled for mid September.

Meanwhile our Russian Dolls are being driven out of Brighton Beach due to the mandatory evacuations.  We got word that some of them are ok and carrying on with their usual shopping sprees despite the bad weather.  Last night Marina got her done as well as a mani, pedi for Michael's birthday.  She says, "I can't believe the stupid hurricane had to happen this weekend!"  This morning they were leaving the city as they are in zone A and must evacuate.   They took two cars. 

They stopped at Woodbury Commons on the way to the hotel to do some shopping.  Eva bought a fur Russian Hat for winter.  Then they had a change of plans and decided to go to the Poconos, because the kids would have a better time there. they arrived safely minutes ago.  Eva summed up the whole experience by saying, "Irene I am not your friend, I ran away from you."

How are the other dolls?  You'll have to check back and see if we get word!  Until then, everyone be safe!

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  1. I pray to god that Irena eats Marina up so we dont have to hear or listen to her useless, tasteless crap again...Amen ! and please have this website do LESS about her and more about people not tuning in to watch the show, thats more fun :)

  2. I hope no harm comes to Marina, but she is not an asset to the show. I will try to honor your request. I write about anything I can find on all the dolls. Marina is the one I love to hate, because she really is extremely irritating. Eva is very sweet. It makes a nice contrast.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more :) !