Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Russian Dolls: Preview Episode 4 "Ruski Business"

Well, in the little clip we have here, it seems that Marina and Svetlana are going to have a little Russian War! It’s just 30 seconds long, but long enough to see that Marina’s attitude has found itself a new target, her friend Sveta. It looks like Sveta wants to have a jewelry show at Rasputin and they are charging her two thousand dollars for food and the use of the restaurant. Apparently, Sveta doesn’t think she is getting her money’s worth and marina is not acting very professionally about it. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I always heard the expression “the customer is always right.” In this show it seems like “Marina is always right!”

Look, it would not have killed the restaurant to do a great job on the food for this event. First of all many guests coming to the jewelry show may become customers and also spread the word about the restaurant, and they would get new business. Second, if they go a little over budget or don’t make as much profit, they can deduct it as a business expense right? Michael knows all about fudging numbers, that’s what got him in hot water with the law. Third, now that this spectacle is being aired on the show, real or scripted, it may turn people off to going to the restaurant or holding their own events and celebrations there, thinking they are not going to get what they paid for. Finally, Marina is not a good spokesperson for the restaurant. She actually may drive people away with her voice and attitude.

Good Luck Rasputin! I don’t know if the publicity from the show will end up backfiring and causing you less business instead of more!

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