Thursday, August 25, 2011

Russian Dolls: Lifetime Changes Time To 11:30 PM

Will Anna and Eddie be able to stay awake till 11:30?

Yesterday I read in Eddie's Facebook that the time of Russian Dolls has been changed to 11:30 PM.  He claims it's because the show has been now rated "R" but I am not buying this reason at all.  I have not even seen a scene that could remotely been considered "R" compared with shows like Jersey Shore and Mob Wives, this show has been very mild mannered.  Both Jersey Shore and Mob Wives are also on much earlier too.  So why the time change after only two episodes?

I am going to go out on a limb and say it's because the show is not doing well in that time slot.  There are many reasons for this.  First of all, the show may not be popular with Lifetime's regular viewers.  They slotted it after Project Runway hoping to get those viewers to tune in, but it must not be working.  They promoted the show as another Jersey Shore and yet put it on opposite Jersey Shore so those fans couldn't even try out the show because they were both on at the same time.  I always that that was a bad move.

It's also possible that, after seeing the first episode, which was really terrible, no one wanted to see the second episode.  The first episode, if you were able to watch all of it, was bascially all about Marina insulting her mother in-law Eva.  It was not compelling enough to attrat viewers and keep them.  The second episode was much better, however it was tame compared to Jersey Shore and did not stir up enough controversey.  I am not so sure Lifetime thought this out very well. 

Maybe they had trouble finding sponsors to place ads on the show?  It may be because they do not want to be associated with a show that is considered offensive.  It may be they don't want to pay big bucks for a show that gets too few viewers.  It's all about money in the end.

So now the show is on at 11:30 PM.  Who is going to watch it at that hour?  People who work and have school the next day will probably not find it worthwhile enough to stay up, and Lifetime posts the link to the entire episode soon enough online, so why bother?   I have to wonder if we are even going to see all 12 episodes?  I guess time will tell. 

Are you going to stay up tonight and watch?  Let us know what you think about this new development.  By the way, I made a comment on Eddie's Facebook about the reasons I believe they changed the time and they were deleted.  You can rest assured your comments here will not be deleted and we read every one.

Picture Credit: Lifetime


  1. Eddie is a boring idiot, please share with us what you posted on his facebook profile that he deleted. Thank you.

  2. Oh what I shared was a short version of this blog of why they changed the time of the show. Thanks for asking!