Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Russian Dolls: Albert and Eddie

Albert and Eddie

So far we haven't heard much about the "GUYS" in Russian Dolls!  It's been mainly about the "dolls." But I have to say that Albert Binan and Eddie Zee remind me of a couple of guys from the past.  Not your Jersey Shore variety, but your Saturday Night Live variety.  Remember those "wild and crazy guys" with Steve Martin, from the SNL skits?  He and Dan Ackroyd played a couple of Chech brothers. You don't remember?  Well let me help you out.  I found a nice clip for you to watch.  Now that I see it again, it reminds me even more of Russian Dolls!!!  Let us know what you think?  Was SNL ahead of it's time?



  1. should have casted this funny guy instead, maybe for 2nd season ?


  2. Roman is that you, lol! You are determined to get yourself on that show! I wish I could help you. I think they should give you a shot!