Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Russian Dolls: A Parody "Russian Shore"

A parody on Russian Dolls called "Russian Shore!"

Well, it was bound to happen!  A few people got together and decided to make a parody of Russian Dolls called "Russian Shore."  Personally, I love parodies of any show I watch because they exaggerate all the things that I find the funniest.  In this clip, the "Russians" do act more like the Jersey Shore cast than the Russian Doll cast.  But I think it is an entertaining blend of the two shows and I recommend watching the clip below.  Let me know what you think.  I think it's funny and I would love to see more of these int he future.

Picture and Video credit: Youtube, stars Ben Rosenfeld, Julie Notwicz, Siobhan Beasley and Mike Tsirklin


  1. hahahaha.... the writing is on the wall.. Lifetime has moved Russian Dolls to 11:30pm !! ..5th Episode CANCELED !!!! great show, POOR CASTING OF BORING PEOPLE !.. Jersey Shore kicked the Russian ratings ass !

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words about 'Russian Shore' but when Ben and I made it we really thought that the 'Russian Dolls' would do better in the ratings. Lifetime did nothing to promote, I remember before 'The Real house wives' franchise started I would see their ads all over the subways and buses in NYC. Lifetime spent less than a nickel to advertise the show, so it's no surprise it failed. If we can find some funding, Ben and I would gladly do our web series 'Russian Shore'..Next episode "Trying to get a Russian Salami through airport security"(Which really happened to me once)...Thanks again for the support and I also just found your great blog(Which made Russian Dolls sound better than it really was).

  3. Hi Mike, I also thought Russian Dolls would do better, which is why I started this blog. I have said time and time again that they did not promote it nearly enough and when they did, it was a bit misleading. This show was no Jersey Shore nor was it like the Housewives franchises. I hope you get to continue your series OR do a parody of a show that is much more popular and on the air because that will get you a lot more hits.

  4. I'm glad you liked the video - we had a lot of fun making it! Too bad the real show didn't get promoted more. We would of had a bunch of material for our sketches.