Monday, August 8, 2011

Jersey Shore: Drunk Ronnie Uncensored! (Video)

MTV posted a pretty hilarious unedited confessional video of Ronnie after a drunken night in Italy. No description will do it justice, so without further ado, video and my best effort at transcription below:

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Just, look at my face! Like. What goes on? I have no idea what happened tonight. All I know is that, I'm chewing on f*cking Deena's Pinocchio guy's nose right now, ok. I got chocolate on my hands, chocolate on my face. (Shakes head) I don't even know what to do. But. I'll figure it out. So good, (hiccup) so far.

AW YEAH, Pinocchio's n- (hiccup) o-(hiccup). Pino-(hiccup) o- wait (hiccup, hiccup). Blrbluroublr AW YEAH.

If I had chocolate on my hands and face, I really wouldn't know what to do either. Ronnie is usually not this amusing, so it's nice to see. I hope Pinocchio-Nose-Gate makes it into an episode. I must get to the bottom of this chocolate-covered mystery.


  1. it looked like shit on his face

  2. It's not his best look of the season, no.