Sunday, August 7, 2011

Russian Dolls: Anna Khazanova “The Model”

Anna Khazanova has been given a starring role in Lifetime’s Russian Dolls, but she already had a career as a model. In March of this year she had a photo shoot. Her makeup artist was Sherry Blossom and the photographer was Fiton Gjonbalaj, who both did some great work.

Anna had been concerned about some acne outbreaks and Sherry advised her on various ways she could keep the problem under control. In her blog about the shoot, Sherry explains the reasons behind her makeup color selections. I have to say, Anna look amazing in the photos thanks to Sherry, Fiton and great genes. What do you think?  Is she star material or what?

For more pictures of Anna and the details of Sherry professional makeup advice, check out Sherry’s blog at: Sherry Blossom Beauty

Picture credit: FGP Studios

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