Monday, August 15, 2011

Russian Dolls: Diana Kosov's Rolls Royce Interview!

Diana Kosov was also recently interviewed by Chance, in a Rolls Royce no less! Does our golden girl Russian Doll know how to pick a location, or what? Chance jokes that he bought the Rolls Royce for Diana, before starting their interview.

Chance asks Diana about her breakup with Paul. She says she told him they had to break up because he wasn’t Russian, but that really wasn’t the case. She broke up with him because she had no feelings for him. So she was just trying to spare his feelings. She felt the Russian line was being subtle and letting him down easy. Of course, when he sees the interview, he will find out anyway. So much for trying to be nice.

Now Diana says the man of her dreams doesn’t have to be Russian (sorry Paul), but he has to be educated because she is educated, and she plans to open a business too. So she wants someone who is on her level or higher. She says she hadn’t planned on being in the public eye, but then this she made a video and put it up. The next thing she knows it got 5,000 views in 5 days and she took it off. And then she started getting calls for casting and here she is. Her parents are supporting her. She doesn’t think she came off bad and that girls will be able to related to her situation. She says she has gotten a lot of negative comments about being on the show and it hurts her feelings, but they don’t really know her.

Overall, I thought this was a very good interview, in fact one of the best any of the cast members have given so far! Have a look for yourself.

Picture and video credit: ChanceTV

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