Saturday, September 10, 2011

Russian Dolls: Anna, Diana & Anastasia In Miami

Looks like our Russian Dolls are enjoying themselves in Miami at the Beach!  Apparently they planned a getaway together and it looks like Anna made up with Anastasia for not showing up at the fashion show!  However, there may be some kind of problem because two hours ago Diana tweeted this picture, which looks like Anna, fighting off a nose bleed or oher injury.  I hope it doesn't put a cramp in their plans.

There was no explanation provided as yet for the picture above.  And lets have another look at Diana, who has proven to be the most interesting to our readers.  Her blogs are still getting the most hits which means more readers want to know about her. 

Now if I could give Diana an excellent tip or friendly advice it is this: Diana, please make blog entries as often as possible, preferrably once a day, so people will find something new to read.  Second, update your website for the same reasons or it will have been a total waste of time and money.  You are in the public eye now and now is the time to strike while the iron is hot!

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  1. That's Anastasia with a nose bleed, or whatever. Note: headband.