Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jersey Shore: Snooki Teary Eyed Over Season Ending

Season 4 is over and Snooki tried to be brave, wearing a bunny head to hide her tears, but all good things come to an end. The cast was busy moving out of their house the last day of Season 5 filming. There has been no word on season 6. But, Snooki should bounce back again, get a good look at her T-Shirt! “I love my Italian Stallion!” Jionni will put a smile back on her face.

Meanwhile, Deena needs to pay a visit to Victoria’s secret as soon as possible! Please! The wind got the best of her and we got the WORST of her. Deena’s derriere needs to be kept under wraps! So please someone tell Deena she needs some spandex or longer dresses!

For more details and lots of pictures visit: Daily Mail

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