Thursday, August 11, 2011

Russian Dolls: NBC's Interview With Marina

I just watch another clip of Marina being interviewed.  She says many of the same things we have already heard about Russian Dolls.  The show is a mixed bag of Khardashians, Housewives and Jersey Shore.  She seems to love being in the limelight.  The best part about this interview is all the clips of the show that we get to see as she talks.  All the while Marina has been complaining about her mother-in-law, Eva, the fortune teller.  Well, I have been reading review after review of the show.  I can tell you they are all bad.  No one seems to have enjoyed the preview.  However, if there is one bright spot, a couple of writers mentioned that Eva should be the star of the show!  Yes, Eva Levitis, Michael's mother, seems to have gotten the best comments out there.  There are some glimpses of Eva in this particular interview.  So if you can't wait for tonight's premiere, click below and enjoy!

Picture and Video Credit: NBC
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  1. Marina need to work on herself!... not a good presentation on TV!... cant stand the voice