Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jersey Shore: Premiere Scores MTV’s Highest Ratings

Jersey Shore is running away with the ratings!

Jersey Shore's premiere episode Thursday night got the highest ratings of any show in MTV’s history. The show attracted 8.8 million viewers. Jersey Shore is more successful than ever!

Now, since we cover Russian Dolls and Jersey Shore, the question is…who is going to watch Russian Dolls this coming Thursday? Russian Dolls, which is being promoted as the next Jersey Shore, has a timeslot of 10:30 PM ET. That puts them opposite Jersey Shore which starts at 10:00 PM the same night. You have to wonder about the strategy and logic that was used to make that decision.

I would have thought that Lifetime would want to attract the same audience base as Jersey Shore, but they have all but excluded them from tuning in. No die hard fan of Jersey Shore is going to change channels halfway through their show to tune into Lifetime’s new show. I guess we will watch and see.

What do you think? Does Russian Dolls stand a chance against Jersey Shore?

Picture credit: MSN

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