Friday, August 19, 2011

Russian Dolls: Dinner Party Bonus Scene!

Michael Levitis and Marina Levitis attend Bridgehampton Polo hosted by Hamptons Magazine on August 6, 2011 in Bridgehampton, New York.

The dinner party at Michael and Marina's house is all about how they show off their wealth.  They aren't wealthier than other communities, Michael admits, however what makes them different is they like to flaunt their wealth.  Marina says they live in a big house, they have people over and are always entertaining people at their home.  Michael adds they go with the philosophy of "live for today." 

Here we go again!  Michael and Marina not only flaunt their wealth, they are proud of the fact that they do.  What is wrong with that?  It comes across in a very bad, tasteless and classless way.  There is something in this behavior that is saying, "Look at how much money we have and how successful we are, we are better than everyone else."  There is a certain snobbiness in how they speak about their wealth.  Marina thinks it makes her a socialite and maybe in her little community it does, but it ends there.  In fact she is so into this delusion of grandeur that she belittles her own mother-in-law for being herself.  I really believes she thinks that her money increases her importance and her value as a human being.  She values material things more than people, that is how she is coming across time and time again.  That is the lesson they are teaching their children.  To have value as a human being, you have to have money and nice things.  And because she acts so superior she treats those under her as "less than."  It simply shows a lack of class and grace.

Video Credit: Lifetime

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