Monday, August 1, 2011

Jersey Shore: Season 4 Extended Trailer!

Buongiorno Firenze! Jersey Shore lands in Italy, but Deena lands on the floor of the airport Just two seconds after arriving on Italian soil, she takes another “trip“…and lands on the ground. In a series of great scenes we see a lot of what is in store for fans this season.

Snooki doubles checks with someone if Firenze means Florence; duh you would think the travel itinerary would have given her a clue or maybe someone mentioned they were landing in Florence! The Situation is happy to be going to the “motherland” to find his roots. He may find he has been disowned!

Then there is a quick scene that looks like an accident. Yes it is, Snooki drives right into two cops! The Situation says two cops go out on stretchers and Snooki lands in an Italian jail? She must not stay in there very long because the show must go on.

Next we see the girls sitting outside a cafĂ©, maybe planning on a little lunch, when they are attacked by pigeons. Snooki says, “The pigeons are ruthless in Italy!” Well I have to agree with her, as bad as NY pigeons are, the ones I saw in this clip were like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!

Then we see Snooki working out…yes I said working out, as in exercise! She is going up and down the stairs, doing sit ups, crunches and more. It looks like she has been doing this for a while now too. What got into her?

The cast heads over to a pizzeria in Florence to make pizza. This is obviously a contrived scene to create some more footage. What Italian pizzeria is going to hand over their place to Jersey Shore??? I’m sure they were well paid for the mess and the filming.

Next scene…partying at an Italian Club! The Situation’s “menage” goes awry. Deena makes out with an Italian girl (who is a twin) and says she is going to do everything while she is in Italy! There is also some “French kissing” in Italy!

Finally, back at the hotel, there are lots of profanities and fighting! New drama every day, as the cast throws things at each other, screams at the top of their lungs, cries, you name it. Try to sort it all out from the video! Looks like Italy is getting a good taste of Jersey Shore…will it be bitter or sweet?

Picture and Video Credit: MTV

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