Sunday, August 7, 2011

Russian Dolls: More News On The Russian Front!

Russian Dolls was created by Alina Dizik and Elina Miller, Russian immigrants from the city of Chicago, who wanted to show aspects of their culture and chose Brighton Beach for their project. The spotlight is on the strong, independent women of the Russian neighborhood in Brooklyn. And strong women mean “lots” of drama!

Marina Levitis is described as the “diva” of the show. She came to the US when she was 14 years old, from Rostov, Russia. She is part owner of the Rasputin night club, with her husband, Michael, of 14 years. They purchased the club five years ago. Along with dinner, diners get a real Russian cabaret show and can party the night away until 5 am.

Eva Levitis is Marina’s mother-in-law and a little is revealed about their relationship. Eva enters a talent contest for grandmothers and, against Marina’s advice, wears a belly dancing costume. Marina walks out on the event while Eva is performing. Sounds like some family drama there!

Diana Kosvo ends things with a young man named Paul, because he isn’t Russian. Diana was born in Moldova and was concerned how her mother would fell about it. It sounds like the relationship never really got off the ground. I’m sure she knew he was not Russian when she agreed to date him.

Russian Dolls premieres this Thursday at 10:30 PM ET! Will you be watching?

Picture Credit: Lifetime

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