Friday, September 30, 2011

Russian Dolls: Lifetime Silent On Series Future

We haven’t heard from Lifetime that the series is being cancelled and yet they are showing all the signs of doing away with the show. They are airing a marathon of the first shows on October 4th and then the last five episodes are airing at 8AM on October 7th (next Friday). I hope they give their fans enough notice to set their VCRs or DVRs. I think they also owe viewers an announcement of its cancellation. Last night people expected to tune in and watch episode 8, instead they learned it wasn’t on. I suspect that accounts for all the hits our blog got last night, probably people looking for an explanation. Marina cleverly tweeted that this was due to the Jewish New Year, however I think that was just a ploy to cover up the fact that Lifetime is done with the series. In any case, I found some clues as to what is going to be shown in the next couple of episodes and wanted to share them with you:

Episode 8: Anna cheats on her new boyfriend; Renata begs Boris to take Tango lessons with her

Episode 9: (Marina tweets) Eva dates a much younger man against Mrina’s better judgment.

Episode 10: (Marina Tweets) Michael (her husband) wants another baby! LOL

So there is just a sneak peek at what you can expect if you tune in to next Friday’s marathon. I am not sure if I will watch. It’s one thing to watch 30 minutes and a completely different thing to sit there for two and a half hours. If I do watch I will not be writing detailed recaps for all the shows, maybe just the things I can poke fun at or enjoy.

Will you watch the remaining 5 episodes? I’d like to know. For anyone who enjoys this blog, it will probably come to an end at some point. However I do write another blog, called Pet Peeves, which is about everything and anything under the sun. If you are interested in giving it a try, I welcome you. Here is the link:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata At Dionne Warwick Party!

Dionne, Renata, Montel

Renata recently attended a party honoring legendary singer, Dionne Warwick.  She posted a couple of pictures of the event.  Renata says she had a great conversation with Montel Williams, who also attended, and she says he speaks Russian!  I wish she would have shared some more of the details concerning the event.  But I found a couple of additional pictures to post here.  Renata was looking stunning as usual!

If anyone will be missed from Russian Dolls, it will be Renata!  Good luck to you Renata!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Russian Dolls: Where Will They Go From Here?

Michael and son, Zev

Some of the cast will obviously go back to what they were doing before Russian Dolls hit the air waves.  Renata has a long career in radio and her own business ventures, as well as, hosting parties.  Anna is a model and has her own school to run.  Svetlana and her husband run their jewelry store.  And then there's Michael and Marina, who co-own Rasputin with other owners (we have been told in comments). 

Michael has been promoting Rasputin and Russian Dolls every chance he gets.  However, with the demise of the show, he has switched back to promoting his law firm, levitis law and his status on facebook reads: "I am pleased to announce my law office now provides debt settlement of 2nd mortgages/home equities and student loans, in addition to credit card debt settlement."

I thought he was going to lose his license to practice law after his legal trouble earlier this year with State Senator Carl Kruger.  You may recall an earlier blog where he pleaded guilty for his role in a scheme uncovered by the FBI.  Levitis was snetenced to three years probation and a $15,000 fine.  Maybe he will keep his license afterall.  However, it does make me question his and his firm's ethics in handling legal matters.

Maybe there is more drama behind the scenes of the Russian Dolls than there is on camera?  What do you think? 

Picture credit: Nikolai Komissarov

Monday, September 26, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eddie Zee's Poetry4Hire

Bet you didn't know it, but Eddie's a poet!

I came across Eddie Zee's poetry blog on his Facebook page and decided to have a look at his "work."  Eddie does not strike me as a poet.  Poets are typically sensitive and in touch with their feelings.  They are creative and articulate.  They have a masterful command of the English language and and skillfully use words to paint verbal portraits.  And from what I have heard from Eddie, a poet is the past thing I would have called him. 

Now forgive me if I am harsh in this blog.  I have been reading several of Eddie's "poems" and have a bit of a headache.  Let me give a little background first.  Eddie started this poetry blog back in 2008, so it's been up for four years now.  In all he has posted 38 times in over 1300 days.  I think he must get writer's block often, but I think that may be a blessing, after reading his work.  This year Eddie has written eight pieces and they ended April 1st.  Let me give you a few excerpts of what I have read:

From the piece entitled: who is the next Marilyn Monroe?

" A combination of looks and wit with a fragrance of deception, is what escorted women to their survival. So who’s to be named the next Marilyn Monroe? Who’s sex will invade into a position of power without exploiting it all? Is it the Maxmin top 100 that will direct our attention towards choosing the next hot babe, or is it a concoction of strategic planning and blonde hair and blue eyes? Neither, it’s the moment when women separate themselves from girls to reclaim what they want."

From the piece entitled: I have Writer's block:

"I have writers block. Consistent thoughts merged with ideas and formulas within inches of a solution. I have writers block. A cancer with no antidote, searching for false hope, but at least my breath is inhaling and exhaling. The ingredients to a well prepared dish without patient’s, leads to chaos. It all leads to jotting down useless sentences about corporate entities, basketball players, rappers, and this A.D.H.D. "

Finally, from In her own world:

" I would trade in the creation of Microsoft and Google for a kiss from a woman’s lips if ever molecules became instinct."

Ok that is a sampling of his work.  I've read a lot of prose and poetry in my lifetime, to say this is unique is an understatement.  The kindest thing I can suggest to Eddie is this, if you really have a desire to write, please take a couple of writing classes asap.  Now that the show is cancelled you have the time to do just that.  Your writing, in my opinion, lacks clarity to the point of being incomprehensible.  It's almost like a string of unrelated words, picked out of a thesaurus, strung together like a necklace, to make sentences that are gibberish. 

Picture credit: Eddie's Facebook


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Russian Dolls: Letter To Lifetime

Dear Lifetime:

I am not a television producer or executive.  I have no experience or education to draw from in critiquing your decisions.  However, I do have a lot of common sense.  In creating and marketing your show, Russian Dolls, you and your staff broke all the rules of common sense.  So is it any wonder the show bombed completely after showing 7 out of 12 episodes?  Let me tell you how I think you should have handled this from the beginning.  I am not saying the show would have been a success, but it might have had a better shot than you gave it.

First of all, you advertised the show to be "the next Jersey Shore + Real Housewives" trying to capitalize on the tremendous success of those shows.  I can tell you that Russian Dolls never came close to imitating those shows.  You set up people's expectations too high and then let them down. 

Secondly, you irritated, even outraged, the one group who may have given you some ratings, the Russians themselves.  You unnecessarily changed the name from Brighton Beach to Russian Dolls, an ethnic slur/insult.  Why?  Was that in order to make it popular with other groups?  Personally, I think the title Brighton Beach fit much better and was closer to "Jersey Shore" than Russian Dolls.  And let's face it, you only had 3 dolls to work with.

Third, what may have been your biggest error was airing the show opposite Jersey Shore, which was already into it's fourth season and had premiered the week before.  If you wanted to snag some of their viewers, and clearly you did by pimping the show as the next Jersey Shore, what in the world made you think that fans of that show were going to change channels in the middle of their program to watch yours?  Only an idiot would have thought that was a good idea.  You should have aired it any time BUT that time, so Jersey Shore fans could have checked it out.  Then, when it was predictable that the time slot was terrible, you made it worse by airing it an hour later!  Way to go!

Fourth, the show tried too hard to force Russian culture and tradition into it's storyline (storylines that were lame to begin with and dialogue that was laughable).  The majority of your cast members had accents that made them difficult to understand.  And most of them were not even likable people.  Were you portraying the Russian community as materialistic, obnoxious, and self centered?  That's what I got out of it.  The exceptions to this "portrayal" being Renata, Eva and Anna.  Renata always conducted herself professionally, with class and grace.  Eva was portrayed as pursuing her dreams and caring for family.  Anna is the one young person on the show to be admired and respected. She has a strong work ethic and is concerned for her family's well being.  That is a big burden for a young girl, but she feels responsible for them.  Now if you could have found more people like that, perhaps people could watch the show and maybe the Russian community would have supported it.

Fifth, the show was too scripted. Nothing seemed natural to me.  The "confessional" skits between Eddie and Albert, were insulting to all women, not just Russian women.  And is anyone going to believe Diana's answer for the lip tattoo was to save money on pencils???  Frankly, I do not belive she really went through with it at all.  It was just drama created for the show.

Sixth, you banned me from posting my blogs on your Bright Beach Facebook Page.  Why?  I was promoting your show for you.  No one on your "team" was keeping fans up to date.  At least you left me alone on the Russian Dolls FB page where practically all the posts were mine.  Your staff couldn't be bothered to interact with the fans that showed up?  They didnt post updates?  Way to go.

Anyway, the inevitable happened.  Eddie is looking for another reality show, like he deserves one.  NOT!  Anastasia's gravy train has come to a halt.  After seeing her attitude on the show I doubt she is going to be getting work any time soon.  Diana better find Mr. Rich Right soon too, before she gets more facial tattoos and ruins her beautiful face altogether.  Anna, I wish you the best of luck in all your business endeavors, maybe the exposure from the show did you some good.  I  hope so.  Eva, please teach your grandchildren some real values, like the importance of family, because Marina just teaches the about materialism and disrespecting their elders and your son allows it.  Renata best of luck with Outstanding YOU and your Passionista Movement.  Svetlana, did you really come up with that idea of a Russian nesting doll necklace or did a company approach you to use your name?  They look over priced to me. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Russian Dolls: Big News End Of Russian Dolls!

Apparently things are not going well for the show. And as Eddie’s posts indicated, he needs a new reality show because Russian Dolls is coming to a very quick ending. Shocking or not, depending if you are a fan (which there appears to be very few), Lifetime plans to air the last five episodes on Friday, October 7th, 2011 at 8 AM.

According to reports, the premiere episode had less than one million viewers and were down to 772,00 in mid August when the time slot was changed to 11:30 PM. It seems we will not see any more episodes until Oct. 7th, when they dump the remaining episodes on the air and wash their hands of the show. Well, we had a good run of 7 weeks anyway.

We are not sure what we will do with the blog. Watching 5 episodes all at once may be more than we can bear. What do you think? Will you watch all five in the planned marathon? Would you like to read recaps of the shows? I can already picture Marina’s reaction and I will not be sorry to see her gone most of all.

Russian Dolls Cancelled?  Get The Smelling Salts!

Russian Dolls: Renata's Passionista Movement

There is something very likable about Renata Krumer!  Maybe it's her friendly, gentle personality, maybe it's her ability to talk to people and relax them, maybe it's her style and class and the professional way she carries herself?  Maybe all of the above.  In any case, I wish the show Russian Dolls would have put the spotlight on her more and much less on Marina, who has none of these traits.  But I digress.  I see that Renata is having a "Passionista Movement" meeting on Sunday, October 9th at The New Cats Cafe located at 2027 Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn at 3 PM. 

The purpose of the group, according to Renata is "I believe in passion, I believe in love, I believe that all people are outstanding! Our Passionista Movement will be a force, that will help people to achieve and share their achievments with the world. Open up about your passion. The world needs to know!"

In this meeting, Renata says, "I would love to hear and to talk about your passions, about your concerns related to your passions, about steps that you have to take to succeed with your passion! Start believing in yourself, the world will follow!"

If you are interested in attending or knowing more, here is the link to the website where you can contact Renata and be on your way to following your dreams:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 7 “Cold Wars”

This episode opens with Diana and Anastasia at the tanning salon with Diana saying how good she has to look and how she gets her nails done every week. She thinks a “tanner” person looks better, but did she ever look into the risks of tanning? You know “skin cancer?” But, she thinks it looks “healthier to be bronze. She thinks people judge you on your looks, but maybe not everyone is as shallow as she thinks and she looks fine the way she is. Then she adds she is thinking of doing a tattoo lip liner! She realizes it’s permanent. And when she finds out the tattoo artist lives right next door, how can she not go? Well how about if 5 or ten years from now she regrets doing it or what if it doesn’t come out the way she envisions it? Diana actually says she is doing this to get a rich guy! And surprisingly, Anastasia voices common sense and tells her a Russian guy doesn’t just want someone who looks good, but someone who can take care of him and has a brain.

Marina’s House, my favorite place to be (insert sarcasm here). Marina, Michael and Eva are talking and Eva tells them it is going to be the 20th anniversary of her father’s death. Eva says her brother and uncle will be going with her to the cemetery on the anniversary of his death and Michael says, yes they will all go. To which Marina immediately says, she doesn’t think she should go because she never even met the man! Michael tells her that is disrespectful. Eva says why she doesn’t know him and isn’t related to him. This woman has no idea at all of what it means to be respectful. She should keep her mouth shut and someone should explain to her that it is to show respect to her husband and mother in-law to attend as a family! She didn’t know the fashion designers, but she went to many parties during NY Fashion Week! And on top of that she doesn’t think her 12 year old son, Zev, should go either. She thinks he is too young to visit a cemetery. Michael and Eva disagree. It’s about showing respect to his great grandfather and Michael says it’s for him to learn to appreciate where he came from. Oh brother, she goes on to say that as his mother her job is to protect him from extra stress. And as Eva and Michael point out, it’s normal to have some stress in life and he needs to be prepared for that. Eva thinks Zev should learn about the history and suffering of his father’s side of the family. Marina, as usual, is being totally unreasonable. Eva is reduced to tears and Michael sees his mother’s pain. Eva is hurt and asks Marina if she can change her decision. Marina says it’s how she feels and as usual, Michael doesn’t stand up to her as the man of the house. He is the father and yet has no say. And, if I heard correctly, Zev is named after Eva’s father, all the more reason for him to go!

Anastasia and Diana’s apartment up next! What a joke! Tatiana, the tattoo artist, lives in apartment 7A and the girls live in apartment 7B! And Diana is just now learning that she is her neighbor and lives about three feet away? Diana explains she wants a lip liner and Tatiana explains the procedure step by step to her, making sure she knows lips are more sensitive. The discussion of the different size needles makes Diana freak out, but does common sense kick in and make her leave? After thinking about it a few minutes she decides to go through with it. But not now!

Does Marina look HOT?

Marina’s House again, oh brother. Michael tells her his mother is upset and guess what Marina answers, “I don’t care about your mother being upset, this is about ME being upset! You better care about me being upset, OK!” He says ok and pathetically walks away. Come on Michael, stand up to Marina, you let her bully you all the time! Marina says that she doesn’t want to traumatize her children, that’s it. Michael tells her she is blowing the whole thing out of proportion, which is true. He tries to explain to her that a cemetery is a place to reflect and remember the person, there are no dead bodies. But finally he says he is not going to fight with her over it. And, she also refuses to go.

Michael and Marina are at the furrier looking at coats. She says, it’s his job to buy her nice things, to pay her bills, and to give her a good life. But God forbid he gets any say in what goes on in the household? We see Marina trying on various items and Michael actually says one coat “looks hot on her.” (I am dying laughing right now.) Michael wants to get her a nice coat so she will change her mind about the cemetery. Marina was already on to him. Marina says there is no fur coat in the world that is going to make her change her mind. Ugh! Michael says he will respect her wishes. She puts on a $20,000 coat and he tells her it looks stunning…I think Michael needs an eye exam.

Back to Anastasia and Diana’s apartment. Diana’s parents stop by, isn’t that nice? She invited them over because she wants to hear their opinion about the lip liner tattoo. Really? She already knows what they are going to say and so do I and I never met them. Immediately they both say “NO” when she bounces the idea off them. Perfect. She explains why she has to have this procedure done. Every day she has to put on lip liner and every day it’s annoying…gee how lazy can you get? And she seems to think this will help her find a man in the future. Come on, is this the best the writers can do??? Please!Diana’s father is upset because she has always placed too much emphasis on her looks.

Damn, back to Marina’s house! Michael goes to talk to Zev. He plans to smuggle him out to the cemetery. He explains to his son that the family is going to the cemetery and why. He asks him if he wants to go. Zev answers, what is mom going to say about it? They get ready to go while Marina is out with her daughter. At the cemetery the family leaves rocks on the tombstone and prayers are said. Eva feels it is very important for Zev to have this experience, it‘s Russian culture. Michael wants his son to toughen up and also to know about the strong man his grandfather was. Then Michael tells his mother, you know Marina is going to kill me for this.

Eddie and Albert chat and Eddie says that Russian women go out of their way to make themselves something that they are not. Yet Eddie is forever trying to become the next Situation from Jersey Shore! Maybe that analogy with sink in with him?

What do you think?

At Anastasia and Diana’s place, Diana takes one last look at her natural lips. It looks like she might change her mind when considering what her parents said, however the show must go on and they need drama, so off to Tatiana’s we go. After applying tape to Diana’s lips, and not very neatly I might add, Tatiana takes out the needles and gets to work. Diana is screaming, presumably from the pain, if she is actually going through with it. She seems to be bleeding and saying OMG. We get a peek at it, I don’t like it. Then Anastasia says Diana is going to see her parents later that day. Why? Diana loves it as she looks in the mirror. I guess that’s all that counts. Seriously, I think it’s a mess.

Diana’s parents home. She tells them she had it done and they both think it looks ugly. After telling her how much they hate it her father asks her where she got the money to do it. She says she saved up. He is concerned about the way she spends money. Her father asks if it was an investment? Being sarcastic. She answers yes now she doesn’t have to buy as many pencils.

Marina’s home. Marina walks in and asks what they did all day. Michael says we’ll talk about it have a seat. Michael tells her he took Zev to the cemetery. Marina looks like she is having a convulsion! Michael says they wanted to respect her wishes but her wishes made no sense. Zev says he is leaving when the screaming starts. She yells they he took her child against her wishes and Michael finally answers, he is my child also. Then she explains how her vote is always above his vote, she is the mother. And it ends with Marina and Michael arguing and Eva leaving the house.

If you missed it and are dying to see it (sarcasm) try this link

Picture credit: Lifetime

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eddie’s Dream Crushed?

I get the impression that Eddie Zee doesn’t keep secrets. I could be wrong, but I am basing this on two tweets he recently made, so judge for yourself:

Eddie Zee I'm starting my own reality show, who's in?

Eddie Zee Time for a new reality show.. brainstorming!

What can those tweets mean? Well I think they mean that Lifetime is NOT going to be doing a season two of Russian Dolls. I would be surprised if they aired the rest of the 12 episodes at this point. Tonight’s episode will be number seven ,called “Cold Wars.” How original!

Eddie Zee had dreams when he was cast on the show. Instead of being himself, he aspired to be a copycat of “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. He failed at that. Soon he will be just another reality show castoff, with his fifteen minutes of fame.

And Anastasia? She will need to get a job to pay for her hair extensions, tans, and clothes not to mention her student loans which are accruing interest as we type. And Diana? She needs to go find herself a rich Mr. Right asap. Of course, Diana won’t starve, she will always have her mother’s borst.

Picture credit: Eddie Zee's Facebook

Russian Dolls: Marina Underdressed!?!

Michael Musto, writer for the Village Voice, had a book party recently for his new book, Fork On The Right, Knife In The Back, which is being released.  I have no idea why Marina and Michael Levitis were invited, but they were there.  This is what puts delusions of grandeur in Marina's head.  Hosting the party were Countess LuAnn De Lesseps and Lisa Lampanelli.  Guess who else was there?  Jerry Springer.  Marina really enjoyed meeting Jerry and she tweets: "Jerry Springer was awesome he wants me and Eva to fight it out on his show!"  Leave it to Jerry to spot a real talent for fighting when he sees one!  Come to think of it, Jerry Springer may be the best forum for Marina to showcase her talents.  By the way, I thought that for a socialite, Marina was "underdressed" for the occasion (being at the Copa and all).  Check out how the Countess was dress for comparison!

Marina, Michael Musto, Countess

Jerry Springer

What do you think of Marina's outfit for a party at the Copacabana?  Was it a little too casual for a socialite?  I'd love to know.

Picture Credit:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Russian Dolls: Svetlana's New Necklace Collection!

Svetlana Rakhman didn't get any new business from her Jewelry party at Rasputin and we still don't know if she paid the bill or did Lifetime pay it just so they could add a scene to their show.  Nevetheless, Sveta figured out a way to use her appearance on the show and her own business to create a "new" necklace jewelry line of little Russian Dolls.  Basically she just took the already very popular Russian nesting doll and put it on a chain to wear around your neck (see picture above).  And WOW! check out the price tags here at Sveta's site $349 and $649?  A little piece of Russian history and tradition is getting very expensive!  They aren't even on gold chains, they are on silver chains and here is the description:

A Russian Dolls by Svetlana set consists of a trio of nested dolls and
a matching silver chain. Wear the trio of pendants in one or separately
on one chain. Each doll is handmade with a silver body and enamel face
and belly. The diamond, sapphire or birthstone eyes and belly not only
sparkle, but also hint at the additional treasures inside.

I don't know about you, but I think I could get something similar and a lot cheaper online, if I wanted to wear one.  But who knows, maybe she can get a super star to help promote them?  Then they might start flying off the shelves!

P.S. I hope to see Sveta pitted against Marina one more time before the season ends.  Finally someone who knows how to put Marina in her place!

Picture credit:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Russian Dolls: Preview Episode 7

So Lifetime has prepared a preview clip for episode 7, but it's only 15 seconds long.  The advertisement that preceeds it is longer than that.  Once again it's about Diana and Anastasia and their vanity.  From what I could gather, Diana was tattooed eye liner done on her eyes. Not sure why Anastasia is there.  I do think Anastasia should focus more on paying for her education and stop her frivilous spending until the money is coming out of her own pocket.  To be fair, the show could be paying for this, as they do need some footage for the show.  Unfortunately, they need better writers because the show seems to be sinking into a black hole.

Picture and video Credit: Lifetime

Monday, September 19, 2011

Russian Dolls: How To Eat Cake!

Emily Post wrote her book of Etiquette back in the 1920's and it has been used over the years by socialites and upper class individuals, in our country and elsewhere, as the rule book of manners.  I hate to keep harping on this point, but Marina brought it upon herself, by insisting she is a member of the "elite" because of her jewels and clothing, money and house.  I am going to repeat myself and say once again she exhibits no sign of "class and grace."  It takes more than "things" to make one "classy" and one thing money cannot buy is class.

So I happen to come across a college student who has read Emily Post and she writes tips for her fellow students to follow.  I am quoting her instead of Emily Post to show that even a college student knows the proper rules of dining.  This is what she said:

Don’t eat like a barbarian.
“Eating is inherently gross,” says Post. “It’s taking something, mushing it up, getting your saliva into it and swallowing it down.” But eating, like many other bodily functions, is necessary. And, so that we don’t gross everyone out when we do it, we have table manners. Here are the basics: chew with your mouth closed, swallow before speaking, don’t smack your food and try not to lean into your plate and shovel in the food (even if you’re really hungry, the dining hall is not a barn and you are not a pig). As far as little intricacies of dining etiquette are concerned, Post says, “even Emily Post—she didn’t care what fork you used, she cared that you used a fork.” 

Now, let's take a look at Marina's picture again. 

I think she is breaking all the basic rules at once, and on television!  She didn't use a fork.  She was talking with her mouth full. And she definitely leaned into her plate and shoved the food in.  I have to hope someone picks her up a copy of Emily Post's book for Christmas.  I would hate for her to make this kind of "faux-pas" while dining with the rich and famous!

Picture Credit: Lifetime,, Emily Post

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Russian Dolls: My Top Ten Complaints!

A picture is worth 1,000 words!
After watching six episodes, which I did only because I started this blog thinking we had a hit on our hands, I have decided to come up with a list of 10 of my least favorite things about the show. Here we go:

10. The title! Bad choice as far as I am concerned. It is not only insulting to Russian women and the Russian community, it is also insulting to ALL women. Women are not “dolls.” We are not playthings and we are to be taken seriously. Brighton Beach was a better title or maybe the Brighton Shore.

9. Rasputin! The name of the restaurant is unappealing. It is named after a creepy looking Russian mystic with supposed healing powers, who was also known to be a notorious womanizer.

8. The agenda! The show has an agenda, unlike other reality shows, to try to force Russian culture and tradition into the storyline at every turn. From the opening proverb to the explanations inserted everywhere about how terrible Russian parents are for having high expectations for their children and wanting the best for them. Frankly, I don’t see them as being different than other parents in that regard.

7. The fortune telling! I wish they would have let Eva do a “real” fortune telling session instead of the “scripted” one that was obviously contrived just to create drama.

6. The shows are self contained. We never see anything from the past brought up and resolved, like Sveta’s fight with marina over the jewelry show and the bill. Each episode is separate and stands on it’s own, no connection to previous shows or events.

5. Anastasia. She is my least favorite of the young “dolls.” She is self absorbed and only thinks about herself. She has a whiny voice and is always complaining. She is disrespectful to her mother. She is still a student at 25! Who knows how much longer she has to go to complete her Bachelor’s degree and now she wants to add three years of law school! Maybe she is making money from this show, but it can’t be that much and it will be short lived. The reason she lost the Calendar girl competition is the same reason she is going to have trouble succeeding in life, she is a spoiled brat.

4. Boris. He is too chauvinistic for me and too controlling. However, I am not married to him, Renata is, and she seems to love him very much. Hard to say if he is going overboard because that is how he really is or to create drama on the show.

3. Michael Levitis. He allows Marina to run the show. He rarely speaks up, even when she is insulting Eva, his mother. He needs to get a backbone and become the King of his castle.

2. Albert. Albert is hardly on the show at all. Why? He is just there to be Eddie’s sidekick in the confessionals and make crude jokes about women? I don’t see him as being that kind of guy, I could be wrong. But, why does the show want to portray men speaking so disrespectfully about women? Is that Russian too?

1. Marina! Yes, you knew she would be at the top of my list. There is nothing good I can say about this woman. She sets a bad example for her children the way she speaks to her mother in-law. She teaches her children that material things are what’s important in life. She has an over inflated ego and a way too high opinion of herself importance. She considers herself a socialite because she has money, jewels and expensive clothing, but she has no class, no grace, and lacks social skills. Her high pitched voice coupled with her accent, make it hard for me to listen to anything she says. Her gulping down the cake that Diana and Anastasia brought over was just the last nail in the coffin for me!

A Double Bite!

What do you think? Agree, disagree? I would love to hear your thoughts. I cannot see this show coming back for a second season (if they even air all of this one).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 6 New Year, Old Grievances

Well the three young dolls come to blows in this episode, Diana and Anastasia versus Anna! Let’s not forget they were all in Miami last weekend dancing it up.

So Russian New Year’s is coming up and they need to look great so the girls go shopping. It’s the party of the year according to Diana and guess where they are going? Right! To Michael and Marina’s Rasputin! “Be there or be square,” says Diana. Well, consider me square because it’s not my cup of Russian tea and you can quote me on that. If Marina is there, I will not be.

Anastasia and Diana are critical of Anna because her interest consists of talking about her modeling school. So what is wrong with that? She is working and earning a living and trying to become successful in order to help her family. Maybe Anastasia should take a page from her book. By the way, what does Diana do again? Did anyone say? Anyway Anna says that Diana and Anastasia are in their own little worlds and just care about themselves. I happen to agree with her. Anna is a little upset because she has news to share about her school, which is important to her, and the other two just don’t show any interest in that because they have more important things on their minds…shopping and nails.

Oh brother, Marina and Michael talk about the big party at Rasputin and say everyone at Brighton Beach wants to go there to celebrate the New Year. Frankly, I doubt it.

Diana and Anastasia are back home. Diana says that Eva is a fortune teller and she is curious to see what the future has in store for her (can the writers please do better than this?) Anyway, Diana is looking for insight and guidance as to what direction she should be going in. However, Anastasia is terrified of tarot cards and is not going to have her fortune told. She doesn’t want to jinx her future and feels like the devil is going to pop out of those cards. But, she agrees to accompany Diana. Guess who else is coming? Anna. However, Diana seems to have just thought of the idea and told Anastasia, so how would Anna have known? They talk about Anna being self absorbed and fail to see this trait in themselves.

We go to Marina’s house (sigh). This is where Eva is performing the fortune telling with tarot cards. In come Diana, Anastasia and Anna. Anna doesn’t believe in it! So why is she even there with two girls she doesn’t like? Eva is using her mother’s tarot cards. Her mother was also a fortune teller. Anna takes a card. A friendship card. Eva says this is just not important. Eva says Anna doesn’t depend on anybody. More important is the business. Eva says that in the future Anna is the one who will help herself. On to Diana. Her card is mostly about relationship. The card shows she is thinking of two men. And deep in her heart there is something about a woman she is scared of or doesn’t like. Diana translates this reading into the two guys are Eddie and Albert and Anna is the girl she doesn’t care for. Really Diana? Is this the best you can do? Anna did not that that comment well, and really, who would? A fight breaks out between the three of them. The other two think Anna doesn’t value friendship. They leave and Eva has no clue why they started arguing.

Marina’s house. Eva is telling Marina and Michael that there was fighting and screaming and it was so disrespectful! Marina is horrified (excuse me while I laugh! Since when is she a model of behavior?). Marina takes it personally and she doesn’t like conflict! Now she is worried they will misbehave at Russian New Year’s at Rasputin.

Anastasia and Diana bring goodies over to Marina and apologize for the fight that they had there with Anna. Marina takes a big bite of their cake while the girls complain about Anna. Geez, Marina is going at that cake like it’s her last meal! She takes several bites at a time. I am too distracted to listen to the girls whine about Anna. Then Marina takes a break from the cake to tell them they have to behave at Rasputin, it’s a VIP night.

Anastasia and Diana get ready for Russian New Year. They invited Eddie to come over tha toast to the New Year. Then we go to Albert’s house! And guess who pops in? Anna! He has cocktails already waiting. Anna says, “Guess what I did last night?” The girls tell Eddie about their fight with Anna and Anna tells Albert about her fight with the girls.

At Russian New Year you write your resolution on a piece of paper and burn it, put it in your cocktail and drink it. Anna wants her business to take off so she can provide for her loved ones. Albert wants his hair to grow back. Eddie’s is healthy commitment. Diana’s is to have a good family and love money and success. Anastasia’s to have money, be successful to have happy parents, finish law school and be happy with Vlad.

The part at Rasputin. Anna comes in and says hello to everyone but Diana. They are all sitting at the same table. Even though there is tension, Diana is the one making comments about Anna. Diana has provoked Anna and now everyone is uncomfortable. They raise their voices and Michael gets up to go over and tell them to keep it down. Anastasia calls Anna a “Russian Hillbilly, loud, obnoxious, rude and full of drama.” Gee that describes most of the women on the show including Anastasia and Diana. Anna leaves the dinner table to go to the ladies room, where the other two have already gone to talk behind her back. Anna confronts Anastasia about the hillbilly remark. They get into a shouting match in the ladies room. Anna goes back to talk to Eddie and then Diana intrudes into their conversation. Now they are arguing in the restaurant. Marina is trying to quiet them down. But it doesn’t work, so they ask Anastasia and Diana to leave and Diana is pissed. She had to spend her New Year’s in the parking lot!

This whole episode was boring and the arguments were fabricated out of think air just to create an episode. How is this reality? It’s not.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Russian Dolls: Sneak Peek Episode 6

We just learned that these three Russian Dolls spent the weekend dancing it up in Miami at The Set and yet here in episode 6 they are at each others' throats.  Yes, a fight breaks out between Anna and the other two,  Diana and Anastasia.  Apparently, it happens at Rasputin so Marina gets in her two cents.  Anna says, "But these two morons , they just want to fight, so I'll give it to them."  More drama, but is it real???  You decide.  As far as I am concerned, this is scripted.

Picture and video credit: Lifetime

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Russian Dolls: Anna, Diana & Anastasia In Miami

Looks like our Russian Dolls are enjoying themselves in Miami at the Beach!  Apparently they planned a getaway together and it looks like Anna made up with Anastasia for not showing up at the fashion show!  However, there may be some kind of problem because two hours ago Diana tweeted this picture, which looks like Anna, fighting off a nose bleed or oher injury.  I hope it doesn't put a cramp in their plans.

There was no explanation provided as yet for the picture above.  And lets have another look at Diana, who has proven to be the most interesting to our readers.  Her blogs are still getting the most hits which means more readers want to know about her. 

Now if I could give Diana an excellent tip or friendly advice it is this: Diana, please make blog entries as often as possible, preferrably once a day, so people will find something new to read.  Second, update your website for the same reasons or it will have been a total waste of time and money.  You are in the public eye now and now is the time to strike while the iron is hot!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Russian Dolls: Ep 5 Recap “Calendar Girls”

Anastasia flipping out at salon

Diana and Anastasia entered a “Calendar Girls” beauty contest and they make it into the next round. The competition starts off with 100 girls and it’s narrowed down to 12, 1 girl for each month. Already I have to ask myself why isn’t Anna participating? Anna is strikingly beautiful and she has modeling experience. Maybe the answer will be revealed in the episode? If they win they will be in the calendars all over Brighton Beach. Excuse me, but the world is a lot bigger than Brighton Beach. Diana says, some girls have even met their husbands by being in this calendar. Well now that’s what I call “success” (sarcasm).

They visit with Anna’s grandmother and talk to her in Russian. Anna tells them she was very beautiful when she was younger and used to call herself “diamond” because she was like a rare diamond. Anna tells us why she isn’t doing the “calendar thing,” she is way too busy with her modeling school. She does have a lot of experience under her belt and she will use it to help her girls win. They do a practice photo shoot so Anna can tell them how to pose.

Over at Renata’s house, she is trying on dresses for Boris because she is hosting the Calendar Girl Beauty Contest. He doesn’t like the first dress because he thinks it has to be more glamorous. He loves the next dress, BUT he is afraid she will overshadow the participants. He wants her to find something more glamorous, again. He likes the third dress. As she twirls around for him, he spots a varicose vein on her leg and points it out. Renata admits it’s not the most beautiful thing about her, but it’s never been a problem. But if Boris notices it, she feels it may be getting worse. And he tells her they have to do something about it. I am very disappointed that he takes every opportunity to make her feel self conscious one way or another. His criticism may be well intended, but it is hurtful. He says she has a problem from the knees down. He advises her to go see a doctor.

Albert says Russian women “don’t take crap from anyone.” Then he says they need someone to control them and slap them back into place. I imagine he is joking about this and can’t be serious.

The girls get ready for the photo shoot. Anastasia says she is not intimidated by other girls. Next she starts fussing with the hairdresser doing her hair. After all she paid $800 for her extensions (pretty extravagant if you ask me) and she thinks the hair dresser was frying her hair making thin, dull, ugly curls. The hair dresser says she understands what she wants and Anastasia tells her she doesn’t think she knows how to curl hair. Diana is getting her hair done also, but Anastasia screams for her to come over to her station. She whines to Diana that they don’t know how to do hair while Anna is standing nearby rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Anna says when she heard Anastasia pitch a fit she wanted to take the curling iron from the stylist, curl her hair herself and then beat her with it. Anastasia keeps crying and Diana promises her she will be happy in the end. The salon owner is upset because she is being so disrespectful. The salon is actually sponsoring the Calendar Girls Contest. And everyone in Brighton Beach talk, so this episode is going to get around. If it doesn’t by word of mouth, it will by the airing of the show! Anastasia keeps saying her hair will be hideous. Diana has to calm down a hysterical Anastasia or she is going to blow the competition. Anastasia refuses to compete and is crying. Diana is insisting she calm down.

Anastasia says that no one knew what they were doing with her hair, BUT finally it came out nice. Anna tries to tell her that she was wrong to treat the hair dressers that way, but Anastasia insists if she hadn’t old them they would have messed up her hair. Ana tells her you don’t behave that way and lash out. This is one of Anna’s favorite salons and “princess” decides to flip out because her hair didn’t seem to come out exactly how she thought she wanted it. Anna says, “If Anastasia keeps acting like a four year old, this photo shoot is going to be a total disaster.”

Renata goes to the doctor. The doctor says he can fix it with an injection, it’s pure cosmetics, no surgery. But, the insurance will not cover it. It will cost $1,000. She has to think about it and talk to Boris. Come on now. She can make this decision herself. It’s obvious they have $1,000 for this procedure and Boris is the one who aims for perfection! Renata goes home to talk to Boris. He seems surprised to learn she went to the doctor. She tells him she is not doing the work because she looks ok, more than ok, she looks adorable. She says it’s a cosmetic procedure and insurance will not cover it. He wants to know how much it will cost. She says $1,000 and he answers “you’re worried about $1,000?” She says yes and he gets up and gets her $1,000 cash and hands it to her. He tells her use the money to fix her problem, she says it’s not a problem. He compares her to a diamond with an imperfection that kills it. It’s like a brand new car with a scratch on the bumper. But, Renata says, if she fixes this there will be other imperfections and they can’t fix they all. Finally, seeing he can’t win, Boris takes back his money and says she looks more sexy today than the day they met and all is forgiven.

The girls go to a studio for the photo shoot. They get their makeup done. They have 16 contestants and only 12 openings. During the photo shoot, Diana feels like a million dollars. The photo shoot actually looks very good and professional.
Anna tells Eddie all about Anastasia’s behavior and it sounds like they agree that she is a spoiled brat who has to have everything her way. And then take it a step further and say she is creating a bad reputation for herself which will stick with her. Even Eddie gets it.

The salon asked Marina, Sveta and Renata to judge the girls. Oh brother! Diana says she doesn’t feel well, I think it’s about adding drama and fails. Diana and Anstasia take a shot of vodka before doing the runway. Most of the contestants have very weird hairstyles. The names of the winners are called. Diana gets picked right away. How fair is it to have three cast members judge the contest? Of course they are going to be partial to Diana and Anastasia. There is a conflict of interest here. And of course to create more drama, there is one rose left and Anastasia’s name has not yet been called. And to my surprise, Anastasia did not get chosen! Wow! Anastasia says she is angry inside and can’t get over not being picked. All her friends are disappointed and show it. Diana was beyond shocked and says it was a bitter sweet moment. Renata tells them why she wasn’t picked. It wasn’t because she wasn’t beautiful enough it was all about the incident in the hair salon. Anastasia thinks it’s a stupid reason. She is filled with rage. Anastasia feels it’s because of Brighton Beach gossip that she didn’t win. She feels like a victim. She cries and complains to her boyfriend who just wants to get her home and ply her with wine so….she says he is the only one who makes her happy.

As usual, Anastasia lives up to her reputation. Once again she thinks the world owes her everything. If she doesn’t treat her own mother with love and respect, why would she treat anyone else with respect. She is 25 years old and already at several disadvantages. She hasn’t completed college and she has issues getting along with anyone. She needs to learn that to get respect you have to give respect and in life there will be disappointments. She needs to learn how to handle disappointment, because by her parents giving her everything, she has never learned how.

I want to know who paid for the $800 hair extensions and why. Good luck Anastasia, because at 25 you are socially behind most everyone your age.

Picture credit: Lifetime

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Russian Dolls: Chelsea Lately Jokes

Chelsea recently watched an episode of Russian Dolls, probably because she knew she could get plenty of jokes out of it for her show, and she does.  Most of it she didn't even have to write up herself.  All she had to do was set up theclip between Anastasia and her mother talking about how to pay for student loans.  That one minute clip really shows how stunned and hurt her mother was while Anastasia acts like a spoiled brat.  Chelsea's set up really makes it humorous!  Have a look!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Russian Dolls: Materialistic Beyond Words!

Here we go again!  I barely wake up and check my emails and then see what's new on Russian Dolls to blog about.  It's been a long weekend with not much happening.  Somehow I know that if I check Marina's twitter she will have tweeted something to get a rise out of me, and she has.  So I copied it here for everyone else to see before I express my two cents.

I have never seen anyone as materialistic as Marina Levitis.  This trait is very unappealing to say the least.  She tweets that she loves Kim k's engagement ring and then leaps to the idea that hers needs "upgrading" because soon she will be married 15 years.  I don't know about you, but there seems to be something lacking here.  I think most women have some sentimentality attached to the ring they were given by their husbands in contemplation of marriage.  So what if the stone is smaller than what you can afford today, it was the best he could do at the time.  It's the ring that you received when you accepted his proposal. It's supposed to be special and have some emotional attachment to it.  But, not for Marina.  It's always all about bigger and better and outdoing someone else.  It's sickening.

It's not like she doesn't have tons of jewelry already.  She probably has more than she can wear.  It's all about amassing gems and bragging about what you have and flaunting it as much as possible.  It's not about the memory of when you got the jewelry or the moment it represents in your life for her.  Every occasion is another excuse to buy more jewelry. 

When I look at my jewelry, it's like looking at a photo album.  Every piece, except the ones I purchased for myself, represents an occasion and a special person in my life.  I look at my engagement ring and remember the day my husband proposed.  I look at my wedding band and remember our vows.  I look at the diamond tennis bracelet and know it was for our 20th anniversary.  I have a set of birthstone earrings and pendant that my husband gave me on my 40th birthday.  I would never dream of "upgrading" any of my memories for new and improved items.  That, to me is crass and tasteless.  And in the end, that is exactly the impression and message that Marina sends out.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Russian Dolls: Preview Episode 5

This clip shows Anna, Anastasia and Diana getting ready to pose for a photo shoot in a contest to find girls for a Russian calendar.  As you would expect, Anastasia is impatient and tempermental. Anna wants to beat her with the curling iron.  Diana says some girls have met their husbands because of this calendar, that expalins her reason for being there. Anastasia cries out to Diana that they don't know how to do hair!  She is obviously the drama queen of the younger dolls.  Looks like Anna and Diana are having trouble calming her down.  What do you think?  We'd love to know.

Picture and video credit: Lifetime

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata Krumer's Facebook Page

I just discovered Renata's Facebook Page.  As you would expect, her page suits her personality.  She has inspirational quotes of hers there, which gives us something to think about.  She includes things that are happening in the show and with the cast.  Video clips, interviews, pictures. 

Renata does not fit the Russian stereotype that the community was complaining about.  I have watched four episodes and it's impossible to say anything bad about her.  She has a sweet personality.  She is loving towards her husband and friends, she has compassion, and she listens when people talk.  She is always dressed in good taste and exemplifies the word class.  It is obvious that she is not just the founder and CEO of Outstanding You, she also lives what she teaches.  Unfortunately, none of her cast mates have signed up for lessons. 

Bravo Renata!  If Brighton Beach was an oyster, you would be the pearl!

Picture Credit: Renata's Facebook Page

Renata's Facebook Page

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eva's Belly Dance Lesson!

Lifetime Russian Dolls Eva Dancing In A Red Dress At Rasputin

As promised, Eva Levitis delivers belly dancing lesson to Chance TV in the clip below.  Once Eva starts dancing she is so into it that it seems as though she has forgotten Chance is even there.  Thank God Marina was no where in sight!  Finally, Eva has a few moments to enjoy herself without her obnoxious daughter in-law criticizing her the entire time!  What do you think?  Does Eva have sexy moves or what?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina's Twitter Zingers!

Apparently, Marina takes her work home with her!  Her argument with Sveta continues after the show. She repeated the same angry remarks she made on the show on her twitter account.  Marina calls Sveta and her husband out as being "pigs" and accuses her of lying and cheating her out of the $2,000, which was the amount they agreed upon for the jewelry show.  In addition, she adds, that Sveta did not bother to tip the waiters who were working that night.  When Marina does get to bed, she can't sleep over what happened.

First of all, this did not happen yesterday, it happened months ago, when they filmed this episode.  Let's consider another scenario.  What if Lifetime producers decided it would be a good idea for Sveta to have a jewelry show at Rasputin so they could film it?  What if all the elements, from the lousy vodka, the open bar and the pigs in blankets, were "staged" so Sveta would have something to complain about?  Michael and Marina are probably under contract with Lifetime and are paid for the use of the restaurant already, as long as it has to do with the show.  Telling Sveta that it would cost extra, because they are opening the restaurant just for her, may not be true at all.  The camera crews were there filming the whole thing in living color.  Everyone does stand to benefit.  Lifetime gets an episode, Sveta gets publicity for her jewelry store, and Rasputin gets more air time.  It's a win-win-win situation.  Then they pretend to be angry about the service and the nit picking over the price tag?  Drama makes for good television.  Too bad I am not buying what they are selling.  Do you think this was "reality" or staged?  I'd love to know.

Picture credit: Marina's Twitter

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 4 “Ruski Business”

The episode opens with Sveta telling her story of how she and her family came to the United States. She says they came right after Chernobyl happened. She feels she has a presence when she walks into a room and she makes a statement. She knows what she likes and isn’t full of herself, but she admits that she can be snobby. She admits to being a “material girl.” Her husband’s name is Sasha, and it appears that Sveta wears the pants in the family, as she berates her husband for not having a plan. He was a jeweler in Kiev for 10 years, so when they arrived here they decided to open a jewelry store.

Sveta says they have been trying to come up with ways to bring new business to the store so she decided to talk to Marina about doing a jewelry show at Rasputin. They meet to discuss it the jewelry “expo.” Sveta thinks the show will be mutually beneficial for their store and Rasputin as well. Marina launches into her spiel about Rasputin being around for 20 years and it being the most famous Russian restaurant in the world (I think she forgot a few, like the Russian Tea Room?).

At first, Marina says she was excited about the show, and she suggests a good time for it would be 5 to 7 PM, before the dinner crowd comes in. Sveta asks about Thursday, and Michael says they will have to open the restaurant especially for her party and it will cost a little extra. Sveta says when you do a show like this you are putting your name and reputation out there for people to see, so you want everything to be perfect. Michael says they will send out emails to their VIP client list, probably 10,000 names will be invited to the show. Sveta wants to know how many people will come out for the show out of 10,000 emails. Michael tells her to assume 50. She looks disgusted. Then Michael adds, the show will cost her $2,000. Sveta was shocked. She is haggling about the price. Michael says they are doing this as a complete favor to her. They have to cover their costs to pay employees, food and drinks. To try to appease her, Marina suggests that maybe they can work out a trade and Sveta can give her a piece of jewelry, that costs her $2,000 wholesale, in exchange for the show. Sveta says it’s a possibility, Russians like to barter.

Over to Anastasia’s home, she is talking to Eddie. They are in deep discussion about different ways to drink alcohol, again. Her ex boyfriend Vlad calls. They went out for four years and broke up 10 months ago. He has been calling and texting, trying to get back into her life. Eddie appears concerned for Anastasia, he says when he thinks of them together all he sees is Anastasia crying on his shoulder. He hurt her a couple of times. Vlad invites her out to lunch for the next day. She agrees to go at 3, and Eddie asks if she is getting back with him. She says she is terrified to get back with him, it’s just lunch. Eddie reveals that he and Anastasia made a pack that if they are both still single in 5 years, when they are 30, they are going to get married. Eddie thinks she deserves better than Vlad, he’s a “douche-bag!”

Back to Sveta, who says she had a bad feeling about the whole deal regarding her show. She decides to meet with Marian and discuss the details. Marina says they have about 25 people who responded yes to the show. Her first inclination was to cancel the show. The whole point of the show is to attract customers from Rasputin. However, Michael wants her to pay for a set number of people which they may not get. If there are not 50 people at minimum, she feels she is over paying. Sveta says, “Just because someone presents themselves as rich and famous, it doesn’t mean they have more class than anyone else.’ ZING! Marina is getting annoyed because they agreed on the price and now Sveta has all these concerns. Sveta wants to make sure she is getting something out of the show. Marina says even if she gets one customer and sells a nice piece, the show will have been a success. Marina says the show hasn’t even started and Sveta is going into it with an evil attitude. Marina’s formula: “they gonna come, they gonna see, they gonna like, they gonna buy” simple.

Anastasia meets Vlad and she is scared because the last 10 months have been hard on her. They discuss why they broke up, she asks if maybe he wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship. He says he didn’t know what he was doing at 23. He feels bad because they were fighting and broke up over no real reason. Anastasia says being with him felt natural and so right. When he takes her hand, she knew this wasn’t just a talk, and then they get cozy.

Over at Marina’s house she is getting ready for the jewelry show and even has a makeup artist doing her face, like she is a star. Tell me, who has a makeup artist in their home? Michael walks in and asks how her meeting with Sveta went yesterday, like we are supposed to believe Marina could keep her mouth shut for 24 hours about how annoyed she was with Sveta. Nevertheless, we will play along, as she tells him it was very stressful (for the first time @@). She tells Michael they were going to discuss the details when Sveta just started attacking her and accusing her of overcharging. Michael says so why bother doing it, cancel it. Marina says no they can’t cancel, people are coming. Sveta then tells her husband how Marina was talking to her at the meeting and waving her hands. Marina says Sveta is delusional, she is trying to be a pig and trying to get every penny out of her!” She doesn’t want to understand that this is how much it takes to cover their costs. Sveta says Marina thinks she is perfect, a fashion whore, and think she has the best clothes and jewelry in the world. Marina swears after the show they are done forever.

Back to Anastasia and Eddie at her home. She tells him she is having the best time with Vlad. They are together every day. Eddie thinks she is nuts. She says no, because they are taking it slow and it feels good. She knows it is going to lead to them getting back together. Eddie is not happy and says he doesn’t trust this guy and doesn’t know what Anastasia is thinking. She insists Vlad has changed. Eddie says if he hurts her again he is going to kill him.

Over at Rasputin the jewelry show is about to start. Both Sveta and Marina have bad attitudes that can only end up with them clashing. Sveta is expecting to see at least 50 VIPs, great service, great food and an open bar. If they don’t deliver it will be a complete waste of time and money for Sveta. Marina just wants to get through the two hours and move on. The show starts and there seems to be quite a few people there. Marina is mingling with the customers, but Sveta is standing there with her arms crossed looking very unapproachable. Sveta says, she is very disappointed because she doesn’t feel she will even make enough sales to cover the cost of the show. Marina is promoting the jewelry store and the merchandise and says the husband is a sweetheart. Then Marina adds if Sveta gets involved there are no deals…what? How can this help sales? Now, Sveta is completely disgusted with the “open bar” and says, it has the cheapest vodka and some red stuff. No champagne, no wine, nothing! And the food, she wasn’t happy with that either. She feels they presented the show in the worst possible way and it was a total waste of time and money. Michael and Marina are the ultimate hustlers.

The show is over and it’s time to settle up. Marina is trying to pick out a piece of jewelry to pay for the cost of the show. Sveta feels that Marina would not be happy with anything worth $2,000, and Marina feels Sveta is dishonest and a cheater. Sveta is yelling $2,000 for pigs in a blanket and you call that an open bar? Michael says they were just giving them the space. Sveta was totally disappointed in the services provided. The arguing goes on between Sveta, Marina and Michael, Sasha tries to step in. Michael says “if you want to stiff us, stiff us.” Marina says she doesn’t want anything from her at this point. She doesn’t want to be abused by this b!tch. Marina says they have no class, that’s it! If she wants to look like a thief in this community, go ahead.

Back to Anastasia’s where she invites Vlad over for some wine and a hot tub session. They are very lovey dovey and she sees it as a new chapter. She wants more communication from him, he says one step at a time. While they are kissing in the hot tub, Eddie calls to invite her out, his call goes unanswered. Then Vlad picks up Anastasia in his arms and carries her into the bedroom. Shuts the door.

My turn…well the clash between Sveta and Marina was bound to happen and of course that is exactly the kind of drama the show wants. I think it was close to a tie. I don’t know Sveta as well as Marina, but from what I saw of the show I think Sveta had some excellent points. Marina would not serve VIPs cheap vodka or pigs in a blanket and the open bar looked bad even to me, a nondrinker. However, Sveta did agreed on the price ahead of time and if she felt she was getting ripped off she should have cancelled the event rather than create bad blood. The truth of the matter is that I think Lifetime actually paid for the jewelry show and it was their idea. They got a lot of video out of it and drama. So I do not think Marina or Sveta were out any money, though they may not really like each other.

Anastasia can’t make up her mind about anything. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. As much as I hate to agree with Eddie, and I do, he is right on the money about not trusting this guy, Vlad. Anastasia says they are taking things slowly, but obviously not slow enough. She should be focused on school and getting her degree. She sure doesn’t need another distraction from doing that. Good luck Anastasia.

Picture credit: Lifetime