Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina Calls Eva "Snooki"

Hollywood Life interviews Marina and once again she can be counted on again to insult her mother-in-law, Eva, calling her the "Snooki" of the show.  Why?  Because Eva has young ideas, and why shouldn't she, she is only 56 years old!  Marina thinks she and Eva have a good relationship overall, but she feels that Eva is single "and becoming a child."  All this because Eva wants to date younger guys and have fun.  I don't think that is unreasonable.  She says the younger kids are more reserved and aware of the cameras, while Eva is "just all out there...she goes out on dates, she goes to matchmaker looking for sexual relationships and I have to tell her ok break break, you gotta stop."  She says she was embarrassed by Eva's outfits for the pageant because her children were there, her 13 year old son, and she doesn't want them to be embarrased.  But frankly, I saw nothing offensive or embarrassing in the way Eva dressed.  Marina feels she is the one who needs to speak up because her husband and his sister can't say anything because it's their mother, so it's up to her to speak up.  Marina feels their is a role reversal in this situation where she is really parenting Eva.  Watch the whole interview below.

Meanwhile, am I the only one who finds Marina's very high pitched voice annoying to listen too?

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Video Link: Marina is at it again!

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