Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Russian Dolls: Renata Krumer Interview

Renata was recently interviewed by Michelle Rivera of Mommy To Hollywood, and she had a lot to say. Renata is a very busy business woman. In addition to being on Russian Dolls, Renata has her own, popular radio show and is also the founder and CEO of Outstanding You. Some of the highlights of the interview will follow and at the end you will find the link to the entire article.

Renata’s radio show discusses woman’s issues. Renata is all about helping women with their problems and achieving their full potential. Her company, Outstanding You, also works in that capacity, as well as, perform services of organizing and hosting events.

Renata accepted the role in the new series because it gives her an opportunity to have new experiences and represent her culture. Her son was concerned for the way she, herself, may be portrayed on the show. However, she herself, was not concerned. The cameras are capturing who is really is and allowing her to reach a larger audience.


  1. just to give you more bad news about this show being close to cancel .. it looks like lifetime quietly pulled the plug on it's facebook "lifetime Russian dolls" page.

    Marina = "Click" (That's the sound that people make with there remotes each time she comes on with her fake "Z-its z-not chanel. Z-Its a famous Z-french Z-designer" crap and opens her mouth about any useless B.S. Crap)

  2. I wouldn't be surprised. They gave her too big of a role in the show because of the restaurant. They needed a place to shoot a lot of the scenes and for that they enticed this attention seeking owner with "stardom." Unfortunately, I do not think she is doing her business any favors and if tonight's preview is any indication of how she treats her "friends" just imagine how she will treat strangers! Thanks for commenting!