Saturday, August 20, 2011

Russian Dolls: Russians Against Russian Dolls!

The Russian have a new Facebook page called “Russians Against Russian Dolls.” Looks like they mean serious business. They are collecting all the negative reviews and articles and posting them there. Why? Well they feel that Russians who have immigrated to this country have struggled to rid themselves of negative stereotypes for many years. They have finally come close to achieving their goal of creating a positive image for themselves. And now, Lifetime takes this moment in time, to bring to it’s network, a show that depicts all the worst Russian stereotypes imaginable. They believe this show is destroying everything good that Russian immigrants have worked to accomplish. They are asking Russians to boycott the show and drive down the ratings so it will be taken off the air. Here is their link if you want to check them out: RussiansAgainstRussianDolls

They sound like one angry group and growing as we speak!

Picture credit: Russians Against Russian Dolls Facebook Page

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