Monday, August 1, 2011

Jersey Shore: Florence’s Reaction To Cast!

The cast members of Jersey Shore left a bad taste in the mouths of the local residents of Florence/Firenze. The “situation” is that the cast, like fish, began to stink after 3 days!

Florence, a Renaissance city known for it’s beauty and history, was not at all impressed by the obnoxious behavior of Jersey Shore. In fact, the locals could not wait for them to leave. The Italian newspapers referred to them as “supercafoni” which translated roughly means super idiots.
When the cast makes stone-oven pizza for tourists at O’Vesuvio pizzeria, the local residents would not go along with their antics. They want only real Italian pizza! And the mayor of Florence banned the crew from certain landmarks for fear of them being damaged or destroyed. It is reported, that after viewing episodes of prior season shows, the mayor also prohibited the cast from drinking on the streets or bars.

Snooki hitting police car!

Adding to the disgust of the paesans of Flirenze, was the cast’s use of profanities and violent behavior. There was at least one incident where a restaurant waitress refused to seat the girls because of their inappropriate, scanty attire. When Snooki made a fuss over it, they were eventually seated where no one could see them.

It is being reported that MTV is counting on this trip to stir up romantic feelings between Ronnie and Sammi. The relationship ended on a bad note last season when Ronnie was caught two timing her.

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  1. It's one year and I can't yet understand why they come in Italia and expecially in Firenze. Why? Maybe those idiot MTV folks wanted to ruin the dignity of one of our most beautiful Italian city after ruining Italian Americans image all over the world with this show? In Italia we party and have fun but we usually don't go around dressed like them, it's natural you can't seat in a restaurant if you have those clothes. It would be like a let a whore entering in a five stars hotel with her streets dress on. Maybe it's ok in the Us but Italians have a culture also on dressing style.