Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Russian Dolls: The Reviews Keep Coming!


The Russians are coming…and so are the reviews, and they aren’t good! Michael Idov, a reviewer for has offered his opinion on the show. He says while Russian Dolls was promoted as the next Jersey Shore, it’s more like “The Real Housewives of Kings County.”

Idov, who apparently was given the courtesy of a sneak preview of the series premiere, is not very complimentary in his criticism of the show. It’s already common knowledge that Diana dumps Paul, her Hispanic boyfriend, because he is not Russian. We have seen that in the clips of them at the restaurant. Also, much to my surprise, the reviewer says that we are not getting an accurate picture of the population of Brighton Beach, who he says are mostly elderly “Ukrainian Jews.”

He goes on to say that if the are marketing “ethnicity” they missed the mark on that too. What this cast has in common with the other reality shows and what predominates the show is “tackiness”  not Russian culture.  All the entrapments of a lavish lifestyle and a lot of money, not Russian customs or traditions, are at the core of the show.

Not a very promising start, according to reviewers. Read the entire review here:

Picture credit: Lifetime

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