Sunday, August 14, 2011

Russian Dolls: Diana Kosov, The Blonde Doll

Diana has a new website up of her very own. There she posts a short bio of her life. It has to be short, she was only born in the late 1980’s. She was born in Moldova, Kishinev and came to this country at the age of three. She was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied marketing and advertising. She graduated from CUNY, Staten Island, where she obtained degrees in Economics and Psychology. She lives in Staten Island, but spends most of her time in the Brighton Beach area. The show Russian Dolls is her first appearance on television and may lead to other career opportunities. However, it seems that Diana’s main concern is finding “Mr. Right,” or rather in her case “His Royal Highness,” because she needs a suitable Russian Prince to treat her like the Russian Princess she thinks she is.

Now, I don’t know how many men are going to want to wine and dine her in the near future. The way she handled her breakup with Paul (if, in fact there was a “Paul” and not an actor) was a bit callous and unfeeling. Not sure too many men want to risk that kind of rejection, even Russian Princes, who can probably have their pick of women. Sure Diana is beautiful, there is no question about that, but If she was raised to seek a Russian mate, then leave the other men alone. And, despite her beauty, she is already talking about botox and plastic surgery that is not even remotely necessary. What’s up with that?

Picture Credit: Diana's website

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