Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cast Of Russian Dolls!

Anna, 22, is an aspiring model and skillful flirt. Anna recently opened her own modeling school. She craves the spotlight but still lives in a tiny apartment with her parents and meddling grandmother.

Diana, 23, has a goal in life: find a man she can marry. Of course, her prince will need to drive a nice car and pay for absolutely everything.

For Anastasia, 26, graduating from college is not in the cards. This Russian darling seems more interested in going to the gym, tanning, applying makeup and making sure her hair extensions stay in place.

A handsome lady-killer, Eddie, 26, is looking to make a name for himself in the world, while juggling the ladies and his busy social calendar.

A wheeler-dealer who values his money and social status in Brighton Beach, Albert, 26, knows exactly what he wants: to make millions of dollars and bring a nice Russian girl home to his mom.

Dripping in furs and diamonds, Marina, 34, is all about status. When she isn’t going head-to-head with her spirited mother-in-law, Eva (age 56), Marina runs the popular local club/restaurant Rasputin with her husband Michael and knows everyone in Brighton Beach.

Sweet, energetic and whimsical, Renata, 47, hosts a popular Russian radio show. She’s always trying to make nice when it comes to her friends and her lovable, yet overbearing, husband Boris.

Sveta, 47, rules her 30-year marriage with an iron fist, while her husband Sasha runs a local jewelry store.

Credit To: Lifetime

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