Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Russian Dolls: Michael and Marina Levitis Interview!

A new interview and great pictures of Michael and Marina Levitis is up on runyweb.com right now! We will just give you a few of the highlights and provide a link at the end for the entire piece. There is also a video of the interview there for you to watch!

The interview was conducted at their Rasputin Restaurant, where there will be a party Thursday night to launch the show’s premiere episode and season. Marina begins by explaining how they were contacted by Lifetime to do the show. According to her, Lifetime was looking for a show that is mostly about women, mainly in their 30’s-50’s, to fit in with their viewing audience. So Marina feels Russian Dolls will be more of a Real Housewives Of Brighton Beach type show more than a take off of Jersey Shore.

Various cast members will be portraying their own stories and interests within the Russian community and culture. Family members of some of the cast and their relationships, will also be featured on the show. Marina says there is no script, they aren’t actors, it is based on their lives and reality. Michael reveals there is also plenty of drama on the show, that reflects the conflicts in their real lives.

Both Michael and Marina say they like the name chosen for the show, despite the protests of the community and they explain why. They also feel the show will boost revenue for the community by making it much more well known and bringing in tourists.

The interview is quite lengthy, but well worth the read if you are interested in Russian Dolls! Follow the link for the entire piece and video: http://www.runyweb.com

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Picture Credit: runyweb.com

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