Thursday, August 4, 2011

Russian Dolls: Lifetime Where Is The Promotion?

I have been looking for Lifetime to promote it’s new show, Russian Dolls, for over a week now. Lifetime isn’t doing much except airing commercials on it’s own network. Their website and Facebook page do not give much information. The cast members aren’t doing much talking to the press or other media. Is this any way to bring attention to a new show? I wonder who is going to tune in if people aren’t even aware that the show premieres next week. Very little has come out. A 30 second promo and very few details about the cast members themselves. Come on Lifetime! Make your show a household name by telling us about it. The majority of people talking about it come from the Russian community of Brighton Beach, and they are not very complimentary about your stereotyping their neighborhood.

I did manage to find Diana Kosvo’s Facebook page and took a picture for you all to see. I think she is quite beautiful and hopefully this self proclaimed Russian princess will find her wealthy prince and have a little fun in the process.

If Lifetime isn’t promoting it, we sure are! Stay tuned for more blogs on Russian Dolls!

Picture credit: NY Post, Diana's Facebook

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