Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russian Dolls: Community Still Outraged By Stereotyping

Diana, Marina, Sveta, Renata and Anastasia of the Lifetime reality show "Russian Dolls" are responsible for perpetuating terrible stereotypes about Russian-speaking Americans.

The Brighton Beach community is more upset than ever about the way Russians are being portrayed on the series so far.  From the ethnic slur of the title Russian Dolls to the behaviors being protrayed by all the cast members, they feel they are being victimized.  A Daily News article gives several examples from the show that they feel justifies their outrage.

The community says it did not want the show banned ot boycotted, but simply to give an accurate representation of its residents.  Instead, they cite specific stereotypical behaviors, which is exactly what they were afraid would be communicated to viewers.  For example, the show focuses on the materialistic values, the portrayal of women as second class citizens, and derogatory racial remarks.  As examples they cite Marina's request for $26,000 for bling for the grandma pageant; Diana's search for a man with money only to dump Paul because he is Spanish; and Anastasia, who drinks, tans,  is conecerned about hair extensions and makeup, and is advised to pay for a college degree because Russians are "schemers."

Instead of teaching viewers about Russian culture, the show propagates the very things that lead people to believe the stereotypes that have been fighting to overcome.  Read the entire article at the link below.

Picture credit: NY Daily News
Article: More Outrage!

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