Sunday, July 31, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eva Levitis, The Fortune Teller

One of the minor cast members in Lifetime’s Russian Dolls is Eva Levitis, mother of Michael Levitis. Aside from being related to Michael and Marina, Eva is also a professed, second generation “fortune teller.” In Eva’s website is the story of how her mother, Faina, became a medium.

Faina worked on a ship and one day, during one of the stops, she started speaking to a woman who was selling tickets. The woman suddenly asks Faina if she ever had any kind of premonitions. Surprised by the question, because it was true, she starts talking with the woman who confides in her that she is a medium and feels Faina could be one too. Faina went to see the woman each time her ship stopped at that village, so the woman could teach her what she knew. But, the woman quickly saw that Eva’s mother had great accuracy in telling the future from cards. Faina went back to Moscow and started doing readings for people in secret, because it was forbidden at the time. And, when Eva was old enough, Faina taught her daughter everything she knew. Eva still uses her mother’s cards to tell the future.

Check out her website: for more details or to make an appointment to have a reading.

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