Saturday, October 1, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eddie vs Anastasia

The future of Russian Dolls seems to vary depending who you chose to listen to.  Yesterday my daughter informs me that Eddie Zee says another network is picking up the series.  My immeidate reaction was, "Are you going to believe what Eddie Z says?'  I guess she thought he wouldn't tweet something like that if it wasn't true.  Well, she was wrong. 

Today she tells me Anastasia tweets that we should all sign a petition to save Russian Dolls and keep it on the air.  In fact there really is such a petition and I will post the link below for fans. 

So which is it Eddie?  Did a new network (I can't even imagine which one) really pick up Russian Dolls, or was that some wishful thinking on your part?  Do you have a Fairy Godmother who can wave her wand and make all other networks forgot the poor ratings the show got?  Good Luck to you.

Anyway, for all you fans who would like to see more of Russian Dolls you can join the 25 who have already signed the petition @ Keep Russian Dolls On The Air   They only want 1,000 signatures.  How hard can that be?  Over one thousand people came to the blog looking for a reason why the show was not on last Thursday, maybe they will sign up?

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