Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Russian Dolls: Roman "The Solution" Itkin

When I first started this blog I needed to spread the word around so readers would know we existed. We put up a few quick blogs and then I went to work visiting all the sites that mentioned Russian Dolls and leaving the link to the blog there for interested people to find.  And, believe it or not, every placed I went to drop my link, I found Roman's comments and a link to his Russian Doll audition.  I watched his audition just to see who this guy was who didn't make it into the cast.  I have to say, now that I have seen the whole first season, they might have done him a big favor leaving him out of that fiasco.

Roman is very persistent.  He never gives up.  He has confidence in himself. He is articulate.  He loves Brighton Beach.  He is proud of his Russian heritage.  He speaks Russian fluently.  He is very close to his family.  Those are all the good things.

But Roman doesn't seem to think well of Americans.  Maybe he was trying to give the casting director what he thought he wanted to hear or maybe he believes what he was saying.  But, to compare all Americans to Jerry Springer guests and then say Russians come here and they are rich, is quite a bit of a stretch. In any case,  I am guessing that Roman, "The Solution," was auditioning for the "Eddie" role and Eddie spent the whole season trying to be the next "Situation" from Jersey Shore.  Now maybe they can both go back to being themselves.

All in all it was an interesting audition which could have been a lot better.  It's not Roman's fault, the interviewer was terrible, and Roman did the best he could to keep the ball rolling.  Check it out and see what might have been had they picked Roman for Russian Dolls.


  1. Nina,

    I may not have made it to the show, but just by making it ON your web site...that to me is an accomplishment and an honor of its one, THANK YOU for putting a smile on my face :)

    Roman "The Solution" Itkin

  2. I'm son glad you enjoyed it Roman. I think you have worked harder than the cast, it's to bad they let you get away. Next time aim higher!