Friday, October 14, 2011

Russian Dolls: Highly Rated Russian Cookbook

I was thinking, why should anyone wait for a cookbook endorsed by Marina, when there is a highly rated Russian cookbook on Amazon?   The book received 5 out of 5 stars overall.  It's a good indication that the recipes in there are good and were tried by random people who have nothing to gain or lose to comment.  They are objective people who loved the recipes in the over 600 pages in this book.

One reviewer writes: "1st generation Russian, and I love it!This book contains great recipes for the foods that my grandmother fed me as a kid (she left Russia in 1922), as well as the foods that I ate there as an exchange student (in 1995). "

Another writes: "This cookbook is the most-used of any in my home. Having lived in Crimea (in southern Ukraine) with and amongst Russians, I find myself reading Anya von Bremzen's _Please to the Table_ for sheer pleasure and nostalgia."

And yet another says: "I  treasure this book. I read it again and again and never tire of its beautiful and vivid descriptions of food and feasting in the former Soviet Union. When I open "Please To The Table" I become infected by the authors' enthusiasm for the cuisine of half a dozen countries. Even though I'm not normally an adventurous eater, and I rarely have time to cook, every time I open this book, I can't help being seduced by the descriptions of each dish. Instantly, I'm in the mood to entertain. I want to fires up the stove, load up the table, chill some vodka, and gather my friends about me."

So really, when you come down to it, who needs Marina's cookbook when there is one already out there that has gotten rave reviews from people who know exactly how authenic, Russian cuisine should taste.  Need a cookbook?  Try this link on The Ultimate Russian Cookbook!

I'll bet even Marina would wolf down a few dishes made out of this book!

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