Monday, October 17, 2011

Russian Dolls: The Antidote To Negative Series

What is the antidote to Russian Dolls, twelve episodes of Lifetime negatively stereotyping the Russian culture and community?  A good dose of Russian Culture!  And, lucky for New Yorkers, they will be able to take advantage of Russian Culture week, which will begin this Sunday and run through October 30th.  There will be music and literary entertainment, doll making classes for children, a puppet show, Russian cuisine (not from Rasputin) and more.  It will be held at the Joan and Alan Bernikow Jewish Community Center in Sea View located at 1466 Manor Rd.  

This is a great opportunity to become familiar with true Russian culture without all the negativity of the series.  It should be interesting and there are several family events planned throughout the week.  For more details read the article at SILIVE and have a great time!

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