Monday, October 24, 2011

All American Muslim: The Amen Family

Mohsen and Lila Amen have four children – Suehaila, Shadia, Bilal and Samira.  Each member varies in the way they practice the doctrines of their failth, from conservative to liberal.  Suehaila is 32, single and very conservative. Her sister Shadia is the rebel of the family and has tattoos, piercings and doesn't wear the hijab. Samira is the youngest and is married to Ali, but having fertility problems.  She leans towards the conservative, traditional practices and has taken to wearing the hijab to improve her relationship with God. Bilal is the unmarried son who leans towards traditional values.

For many more details on this family click on the link below.  As you pas your mouse over their picture more information will pop up for you to read.

Link for info:TLC All American Muslim: Amen Family Interactive Picture

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