Friday, October 7, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 12 “Russian Dolls” Finale

Guess who was at Rasputin's International Women's day after all?

Count Vlad, Boris Glickstein, Renata Krumer and Tobi Rubenstein Schneier at Rasputin Restaurant & Cabaret, celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting With Love…A Russian Soirée

Thank God this is the last episode, and I mean that. It’s hard enough to watch one show a week, but 4 shows in one morning was way too much.

At Anna’s house, Eddie tells her he wants to model and he has some pictures of himself. He feels it’s easy money. Is this is the same Eddie who insulted Anna’s school and career a few shows ago? Anna feels he has potential, but he is very arrogant and that is going to affect his chances of getting work. He has no idea how much work is involved.

Every year Michael and Marina host Women’s Day at Rasputin, with high end food and dancing. They discuss the guest list. Sveta is definitely not coming, but they are not sure about Renata and Boris. It’s a big problem. Michael says they need to have a “sit down” with Boris and Renata; he expects an apology and for them to say they were wrong asking Marina and him to leave the after party.

Anna calls Eddie about a modeling job. It’s a photo shoot and he wants to try it. Meanwhile, Albert tells Eddie he is getting serious about Anna and he is tired of being single, he wants more. Eddie warns him about getting hurt, Anna doesn’t commit.

Eddie shows up at the photo shoot. He has to take off his shirt and socks. The photographer is being very critical of him, but Eddie is acting like an idiot and Anna is pissed. Now they are going to pose together, half dressed on the bed, in some very seductive poses. Eddie is getting himself so worked up that when the session ends he starts making the moves on Anna. Never mind that she is dating his best friend, Eddie is going for it, and Anna puts the brakes on. Eddie is so not cool, geez!

Renata and Boris go to see Marina and Michael. Renata feels that Marina ruined her celebration party and she want an apology. But, Michael and Marina also want an apology for being thrown out. Check mate! Marina says she cannot be friends with anyone who is friends with Sveta. That does not sit well with Boris and Renata. It’s absurd. The whole conversation is going round in circles so Michael and Marina leave.

Boris and Renata are not invited to Women’s Day!

Diana has a preparty before going to Women’s Day at Rasputin. Albert and Anna arrive. Anna has pictures for her photo shoot with Eddie to show him, but she never showed Albert, and he was caught off guard. Albert gets upset. He believes Eddie was making moves on Anna behind his back, he is a backstabber. Albert starts a fist fight with Eddie. Anna is upset. Albert tells Anna he feels Eddie disrespected him. In the end they all go to the party together. Off to Rasputin for Women’s Day. There is a fashion show of fur coats.

Renata tells Sveta she would pick their friendship over Women’s Day any time. Sveta tells her that Marina and Michael will never apologize. She wants admirers not friends. Renata says she sees the best in people and she won’t change who she is.

The young Russians are having fun at the party. Eddie is stripping and dancing and kisses Diana.

The evening is over and they all leave. Anna kisses everyone, except Albert, goodbye and appears to walk off on her own. But, at the last second, she gets into Anthony’s car and speeds off after they share a kiss. Leaving Albert standing there alone and looking like a fool. What a way to end the season and the series.

Let me just say I did a lot of research on the show before it started, to get familiar with the cast members before beginning to blog. I ran into a few articles and pictures about Women’s Day at Rasputin. The show leads us to believe that Sveta and Renata and Boris are not going to be at Woman’s Day, BUT I believe they were so I am headed off right now to check it out.

Women’s Day took place March 8, 2011.

Quote with link below: Manhattan and Brooklyn Russian hotspot, Rasputin Restaurant & Cabaret, celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting With Love…A Russian Soirée. Owner Marina Levitis of the fabulous cabaret, Rasputin, entertained her celebrity Russian guests with a glamorous fur fashion show highlighting emerging European designs and furs from Pologeorgis Fur and a live auction hosted by Boris Glickstein and his beautiful wife Russian radio host Renata Krumer.

So I guess Renata and Boris were there after all and all that talk about them not being there was a convenient lie?  So much for reality!


  1. Marina calling Sveta a lowlife? Has she looked at herself in the mirror? What Sveta forgot, Marina will never know:-)

  2. Nina, I was there at the Woman's Day party. Not only Renata was there, she and Boris masters of ceremony at the fashion show. They also lead a charity auction. At times, they were right there on stage with Marina and Misha. So much for "reality" show:-)

  3. Thanks Anonymous, good to know from someone who was there. I clearly remembered reading about that and I may have blogged it too. I think there was very little "reality" written in to this show, why did they even bother?

  4. I suspect the whole jewelry show at Rasputin (the one that led to conflict between Marina and Sveta) was staged by producers of the show. Sveta and her husband own high end jewelry store, or so it seems. High end stores keep doors locked, buzz you in, keep their expensive pieces under bulletproof glass, and show you one piece at a time. You don't sell expensive Jewelry the way you sell stuff at a street fairs or a flea markets. People (even rich people) take their time to make a decision. Sveta would have been out of her mind to put out expensive jewelry on display on Rasputin tables. I don't think she is out of her mind. So, the most logical conclusion - those were cheap fakes and the whole thing was staged for the show. The fact that you see some of the same "extras" that you see in other episodes - corroborates that conclusion.

  5. its a really interesting conversation between nina and other anonymous , some times even more fun to read than a recap itself, I love your both guessing on the cast members, sometimes it is so true and sometimes it's just a guess
    At the end of the day we're all been duped with this show, all but Marina!

  6. Wow, other anonymous, thank you for your feedback! Care to confirm what is a guess and what it true:-) Inquiring minds want to know:-)?