Friday, October 7, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 9 “Single Russian Female”

Countdown to the last four episodes begins with number 9 “Single Russian Female.” I have already recapped episode 8 and you can search for it in the search bar (right hand bottom side of blog). I will try to recap all the episodes as soon as possible, but I have no idea how long it will take.

Diana announces she is going on a blind date to Anastasia and Eddie. He is older, serious, has businesses, is marriage minded. Diana thinks she is ready to settle down and “pop one out.” She meets her mystery man, Albert, and tells him she is in school. He has a business degree and 13 cell phone stores. She tells him she is 23 and wants a baby by the time she is 25. Her mother told her to finish school and have a family. They toast to a potential second date. Diana should have a clue how to conduct herself on a first date. These contrived storylines to move things along at ridiculous speeds just makes the show more ridiculous.

Eva announces to Marina and Michael that she is ready to start dating again. She is lonely. Marina says, “I need to get rid of this woman!” She is all for Eva dating. She wants her to see a reliable matchmaker and Eva says she already did. Can Marina be any more rude and disrespectful? Every single time she talks about Eva it is with contempt.

Diana and Eddie and Anastasia throw snow around the house while Diana fills them in on Albert, her new love interest. He is 33, single and rich. They created a nice little scene between these three young Russian cast members so Diana can fill them in on her blind date, Albert, but seriously couldn’t they create a scenario that did not involve throwing snow all over the apartment? It’s time these people act their age already.

Diana meets Albert again and they are at a pool hall playing pool. Not the type of romantic date I would have imagined a rich guy, wanting to impress a young beautiful girl, would arrange. But that’s just me, I hate pool halls. Diana thinks he is marriage material and tells him she wants him to meet her parents. He takes a deep breath, she is moving fast, but he agrees to go. Now, the show emphasizes how materialistic and high maintenance Russian women are and yet this rich guy gets away with a date at a pool hall? I am low maintenance and not materialistic, and I would dump a guy for taking me to a pool hall on a date.

Eva and Marina go to the matchmaker. Eva wants a partner for life, who she can trust. The matchmaker asks if sex is important? Eva says yes, she wants someone between 20 and 40. Marina wants to throw up. This is the first time I agree with Marina and maybe the last. Eva wants someone who moves and dances and can keep up with her. She wants a friendship and sexual relationship. Of course I do not believe for one second this is actually what Eva wants. In their attempt to shock viewers with their storyline the writers have once again made the mistake of being over the top ridiculous. What else can I say? I think they should have taken more time thinking this series out and writing scripts because nothing they write is working.

Eva returns to the matchmaker by herself, to see who she has selected for her. She shows Eva the profile of a guy named Joe, who is 35. He has energy and is open to seeing a more mature woman. Eva is excited to tell Marina and Michael about her first date. She tells them the matchmaker found her a 35 year old man. Both Michael and Marina are very upset. Michael is upset with Marina because he sent her with Eva so this would not happen. Young guys are attracted to older women for green cards or money. Michael says, no way will he support her in this. Marina says it’s disgusting and Eva is a joke. I have to admit that this whole scenario makes Eva look bad. She can like younger men within reason, but the 20 to 40 age group? Her own son is in that group and maybe Joe is younger than Michael. I don’t hold it against Eva, I hold it against the writers.

Diana tells her mother she is seeing a Russian guy who is 32 years old, who owns a few cell phone stores and has a college education. Diana hates waiting for the perfect guy and moving to the next step in her life. She is in a rush to be married with a child. Diana tells her mother she is bringing him over to introduce him to her. Her mother says okay. After two dates? And one at a pool hall? This is Mr. Right? Give me a break already.

Diana and Anastasia are getting their nails done when Eva walks into the salon and tells them about her date with a 35 year old guy. She is 55 and a cougar and will wear something sexy. It’s her dream to meet a younger guy. Eva asks them about “bases and homeruns” in dating. And she wants to know when is it appropriate to have sex. Anastasia hatches an escape plan in case Eva hates the guy. She will call her with an emergency and if she needs to leave she can. What person in their right mind thinks is it plausible that a 55 year old women is going to act like an inexperienced, naïve, 22 year old? She should be looking for established men in maybe the 45 to 55 year old range. If she wants a long lasting relationship and someone she can trust, that is what is needed, but that has not shock value. I think if it was “real,” the whole matchmaker dating idea might have worked, but never this way.

Eva gets dressed for her date. She researches online what to say on first dates and practices. She meets Joey at a restaurant and he brings her a long stemmed rose. He says he is 35 and she tells him she is 55. He says she doesn’t look it. She asks him what he does in his free time. He says he watches tv and relaxes. She is not happy with that answer. He is young but acts like an old man. The phone rings. It’s Anastasia, the escape plan in in effect. She pretends it’s an emergency and runs out on Joey. So very lame, it’s pathetic.

Diana tells Anastasia that Albert is not going to meet her parents. He called and said he will not be coming, he is standing her up. He thinks they are moving too fast. Diana is mad. She tells her mother that he will not be coming after all. Her mother tells her not to push him. Diana says she is done with Albert, no surprise there. Seriously, there has not been anything remotely credible about this episode or the series. I have three more to watch and blog. Wish me luck! I’ll need it.


  1. Another loser was cast as boyfriend. This time Diana's. So, there was Paul, Anthony, and now this dude LOL

  2. I don't get it why Eva embarassed herself for the camera. From that ridiculous fur hat that is only worn in the old country to "I vant sexual relationship". She is an intelligent woman, oh well, I guess anything goes for a chance of fame

  3. Eva bought that fur hat at Woodbury Commons during hurricane Irene. I think she says whatever they tell her to say on the show. That was a ridiculous conversation with the girls!

  4. Or so she says about the hat:-) those episodes were cast last fall and into spring of 2011, long before Irene:-) unless Eva does time travel, could not have possibly been the same hat:-)