Thursday, October 6, 2011

Russian Dolls: Saving Russian Dolls?

Brandon Boyd has recently started a facebook page to save Russian Dolls on Lifetime.  Either he is an overzealous fan or has some connection to the show, I don't know which one, but I found it interesting that he is trying to get support for the show this late in the game.  I was going to post a reminder about the marathon tomorrow morning for the last episodes for those of you who want to see it to the end.  I decided to combine both topics into one blog.

Apparently Russian Dolls does have its fans, albeit not enough for Lifetime to consider a season two.  The show probably cost them money, I doubt they made any profits.  No harm done, they can deduct the loss as a business expense.  But I do feel bad for people like Brandon, who got invested in the show only to have it come to a swift end.  I even feel sorry for me, for starting this blog when I believed the media hype that this would be the next Jersey Shore.  I thought it was going to be a successful show and make all the work worthwhile.  Instead, with the demise of the show, I am left with a virtually worthless blog.  Once the final shows air, there will be nothing to write about.  I will have to move on and so will Brandon.

But, if there are some fans out there who want the chance to show their support, please go to Brandon's page and "like" it.  They say numbers talk.  If he gets enough fans over to his page maybe it will give Lifetime something to talk about?   But you better hurry because tomorrow the final shows will air and I think Lifetime is washing it's hand of the show and the cast members.


  1. save the show....NOT the cast !!!

    I hope they re-cast everyone.

  2. Brandon often tweets with Marina, Mike and others from the show. According to his tweets, he has a Russian wife, has been to Russia many times, and loves everything Russian, including this show. He indeed seems to be a big fan. Why? I don't have a clue about what's there to like about Russian Dolls. As a matter of fact, on Lifetime official site, there were a lot of angry comments from Americans married to Russian women saying how they and their wives hate the show:-)

  3. Thanks for clearly that up, I do recall a Brandon tweeting with Marina about the show and its haters. The show puts Russians and especially Russian women in a bad light, so I agree what would he like about it. It's insulting.