Friday, September 30, 2011

Russian Dolls: Lifetime Silent On Series Future

We haven’t heard from Lifetime that the series is being cancelled and yet they are showing all the signs of doing away with the show. They are airing a marathon of the first shows on October 4th and then the last five episodes are airing at 8AM on October 7th (next Friday). I hope they give their fans enough notice to set their VCRs or DVRs. I think they also owe viewers an announcement of its cancellation. Last night people expected to tune in and watch episode 8, instead they learned it wasn’t on. I suspect that accounts for all the hits our blog got last night, probably people looking for an explanation. Marina cleverly tweeted that this was due to the Jewish New Year, however I think that was just a ploy to cover up the fact that Lifetime is done with the series. In any case, I found some clues as to what is going to be shown in the next couple of episodes and wanted to share them with you:

Episode 8: Anna cheats on her new boyfriend; Renata begs Boris to take Tango lessons with her

Episode 9: (Marina tweets) Eva dates a much younger man against Mrina’s better judgment.

Episode 10: (Marina Tweets) Michael (her husband) wants another baby! LOL

So there is just a sneak peek at what you can expect if you tune in to next Friday’s marathon. I am not sure if I will watch. It’s one thing to watch 30 minutes and a completely different thing to sit there for two and a half hours. If I do watch I will not be writing detailed recaps for all the shows, maybe just the things I can poke fun at or enjoy.

Will you watch the remaining 5 episodes? I’d like to know. For anyone who enjoys this blog, it will probably come to an end at some point. However I do write another blog, called Pet Peeves, which is about everything and anything under the sun. If you are interested in giving it a try, I welcome you. Here is the link:

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