Friday, October 7, 2011

Russian Dolls: Recap Episode 10 "Eastern Promises"

The young Russians are partying and when Anna decides to leave, Albert is a little disappointed. He realizes that his feelings for Anna extend beyond friendship.

Eva tells Michael that he needs to have another baby because it’s good for the family and it’s a sign of success. Michael is taking it all in and agrees. I think Eva is really interfering in her son’s marriage with this idea. This is a decision to be made by husband and wife alone and that is what Michael should have said. Instead he devises plans to try a sway Marina into going along with the idea. He knows she is going to give him a hard time, but he is determined to reawaken her feelings of motherhood. What kind of man is going to act like this? If he was ready for a baby then he should have brought it up to Marina long before his mother mentioned it.

Albert decides he is going to ask Anna out. He gets advice from Boris about being different from other men and acting confident. Maybe if Albert had been in the show more this might have been a credible storyline, but he has rarely done anything except those ridiculous confessionals with Eddie.

Michael arranges a romantic getaway for Marina at a hotel. There is champagne! Marina is automatically suspicious that if he is doing something nice he has to want something from her. He tells her he is ready to have another baby. Her feeling is that he may want another baby to play with, like a toy, for 15 minutes, but when he is done he will hand if back to her and all the work will be hers. She says their lifestyle right now is too busy and hectic for a baby. Michael answers they will get a nanny to help out. Marina says she is not that kind of mother, who has a baby and then hands it over to a nanny to raise. They can’t agree. But guess what? I totally agree with Marina on this issue. Having a baby means making sacrifices. Being a mother means being a “hands on” mother to nurture your child, not give it over to a stranger!

Diana throws a party and all the young Russians come, of course. Albert approaches Anna and is waiting for the right moment to ask her out. However, they start playing stupid games and they end with Albert having to kiss Anna in front of everyone. Albert resists, he holds back, and Anna is insulted and embarrassed. She hates the party and the games. So do I.

Albert calls Anna and asks her to meet him for coffee. He wants to explain what happened and why he didn’t kiss her. He is sorry she felt rejected. He tells her he was planning to ask her out on a real date and he didn’t want their first kiss to be part of a stupid game in front of everyone. She says yes to the date, she cares for him as a friend. They decide to try it and see where things lead. I think everyone knows this was probably not a great idea, but the writer’s needed something, they haven’t used Albert all season.

Michael is back on “Operation Baby” and his next bright idea is to borrow a toddler from a friend and let Marina watch her so her mother’s instincts will kick in. Marina is happy with the arrangement until the baby starts crying and she can’t calm her down. She starts calling for Michael to help her and of course he is nowhere to be found. This just confirms for her that she is right about not being ready for a baby. Michael didn’t spend any time with the baby and his plan totally backfired!

At Anna’s house, Anna tells the girls about her date with Albert at the Orange Room. She tells them that he isn’t her type and she has no romantic interest in him. Diana and I both want to know why she accepted the date in the first place. We don’t get it. But then Diana and Anastasia help her pick out a dress to wear without questioning her about it.

Albert wants to impress Anna. The restaurant is very nice but she mentions he didn’t bring her flowers. He says he couldn’t afford flowers and dinner because it was expensive. She says well at least you are honest. He tells her it’s easy for him to be himself because they have been friends a long time and he is relaxed. Anna feels at ease with him and says she is starting to change her mind about him and seeing him differently. She gets a bouquet of flowers with monkeys, she loves monkeys. Apparently Albert had ordered them and had them delivered to the restaurant for her. They kiss. Very impressive move Albert.

The two storylines, Michael and Marina’s baby and Anna and Albert dating, were really pushing the envelope. Shouldn’t there be a little reality in a reality show? Just a little. The more I watch the more unreal things get. Nothing is believable. The storylines are weak and when you don’t have professional actors to try to make them seem plausible is it any wonder the show went under?

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  1. If I were Eva, i.e. a woman from educated Moscow family, I would be horrified at the thought of my son MARRYING someone like Marina, much less having children with her:-)