Saturday, October 22, 2011

All American Muslim: A New TLC Show

The Jaafar Family

Well they say when one door closes another door opens and so it is with blogs.  As we say goodbye to Russian Dolls, whose time has come and gone, we can now welcome All American Muslim to the television screen.  Another group of Americans wants to educate us about their culture and traditions and have a story to tell.  It could prove to be interesting!  And already there is one big PLUS, there will be no Marina!

So I watched the video and I am intrigued.  Already I see a difference in the two shows, the Muslims do not seem to be "acting" but more genuine.  Of course it is hard to say much with only a minute and a half to go on.

The show is an eight part series and will premiere on November 13th.  It will follow 5 different Muslim families from Dearborn, Michigan.  Dearborn is a suburb of Detroit and has a large Arab-American population.  The show will deal with the issues they had to face after 911, ten years ago.  They will have some diverse cast members, such as two sisters who are opposites: one wears a headscarf and prays every day and the other has tattoos which are illegal in Islam.  

Unlike Russian Dolls, whose community was outraged at the way they were being portrayed, Muslims of Dearborn feel that the show is going to do a lot to help all Americans understand more about their beliefs, concerns and challenges.  Check out the video and see what you think?

Picture and video credit: TLC

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