Saturday, October 15, 2011

Russian Dolls: Another "Nina" Wants To Help You!

I was going through the comments on the blog today and "Another Nina," who is a writer, has made three comments offering to help the Russian Dolls.  This new Nina is part Russian and sounds very enthusiastic about the show.  Who am I to stand in the way of anyone's success?  So I thought I would write a blog and bring her services more attention.  Maybe one of the writers or many of the cast members will get a chance to see her offer and take her up on it.  I have to admit, the fact she has the same first name as I do, didn't hurt.  So best of luck to you Nina!  I hope they take you up on one of your many offers and, if they do, you have your work cut out for you!  Here is what the other "Nina" had to say"

Hi! I've watched every episode of Russian Dolls and loved it. I grew up in the middle of NYC, so I could relate to the tight knit community.

I think that the angle of the show could have focused a litle more on the community to get viewers more involved. Young old, rich, middle class and poor....perhaps take them through the neighborhood and give people the real feel....I know the show was not well received by the community, so perhaps incorporate that aspect into the show...get people to discuss their emotions on tv...that's real t.v.

I'm a writer with a background in marketng, public relations, law and other areas....If you need a good me at -- my name is not the Nina that's posted here, but another one. Yes, I do have Russian blood running through my veins :)!

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  1. I am a little disappointed that Nina didn't come back to see her blog! Oh well!