Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russian Dolls: Eddie's Pet Peeves

What is the latest on Eddie?  Does anyone care?  Well if you do, apparently he has applied for a role on Real World.  Real World is casting, so he says, and they are better than Lifetime.  However there appears to be a slight problem.  According to his contract with Lifetime, he cannot be cast on any other reality show for six months.  I don't think Real World will want to wait six months for Eddie.

Eddie wants to remain in the entertainment industry, and seems determined.  But, maybe he has had his chance and this is the end of the line for him?  He always has his poetry, but if I were him I would not pin my hopes on poetry or television.  Maybe he should go back to school or find a real job.

Good Luck Eddie!

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  1. Everyone else has a name, last name, and a known day job (except Marina of course, whose full time job besides motherhood is spending money, and forcing herself upon celebs:-) Eddie has no last name and no job that anyone can think of. But he seems like a nice guy, and if he wants to succeed in showbiz, I wish him well...