Monday, October 24, 2011

Russian Dolls: Marina's Animal Print Dress



First of all a big thank you to Michael Levitis, the adoring husband of Marina.  He saw the blog where I was asking about her animal print dresses and he directed me to his facebook page where he has proudly posted his lovely wife, wearing one of her new acquisitions.  This appears to be a vertical, zebra stripe print.  I am no fasionista by any means, however I have always heard that curvy women should not wear stripes as it makes them appears larger in areas they do not need accentuated.  Marina has been tweeting that she has been going to the gym and attending zumba classes to lose weight for her brother's wedding.  I think she still has a ways to go and if I were her I would go with horizontal stripes next time.

I took a moment to see if my memory on stripes was accurate and here is the result:

Julie Thurlbourne Julie Thurlbourne in vertical stripes

As you can see, the same woman, wearing two different dresses, appears more svelt in the horizontally striped dress on the top of the screen and fuller figured on the bottom on the screen wearing vertical stripes.  However, the important thing is not what I think of Marina's new dress, but what Michael thinks.  Michael seems very happy with Marina's choice, so who am I to make suggestions?

Picture credit: Michael Levitis Facebook and and Patrick McMullen

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