Monday, October 24, 2011

Russian Dolls: Michael Musto Raves About Rasputin


Michael Musto, writer of the Village Voice blog, had nothing but good things to say about the Rasputin Restaurant and Cabaret in Brighton Beach.  He was recently invited there by owners Michael and Marina Levitis to enjoy a feast of a meal and a night of entertainment for the restaurant's 20th anniversary, and enjoy it he did.  He even brought a few friends along with him to feast on all the ethnic dishes that Rasputin specializes in.  

The best part of the review was when Mr. Musto writes, and I quote, "At one point, Michael Levitis explained to me, "This song is 'Russian Women Have The Best Asses.' And they do!"  

The eating went on for three hours!  Then Mr. Musto says, out came the lamb kabobs!  Lamb kabobs sound good to me.  There is a lot of talk of another Rasputin opening up in Manhattan in the near future.  A few good reviews here and there will certainly ensure the success of the new Rasputin's Grand Opening!

Good luck to Michael and Marina's new Rasputin!

Check out the review: Village Voice Review

P.S. I hear there will be a Halloween Party being held at Rasputin on Monday, October 31st, with prizes for best costume.  You may want to look into that on Michael's facebook @ Halloween at Rasputin

Picture credit: Patrick McMullan

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